Paramedics at Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon, Save Life of Senior Citizen

  • Emergency Medical Technicians used the right CPR technique to revive a 62-year-old man whose heart had stopped beating
  • Their dedication to duty was praised by the doctors in attendance

A 62-year- old man, Suresh Yadav (name changed), was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by the dedicated and efficient team of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) at Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon. The team showed its proficiency by giving continuous CPR to the patient, despite him having a negligible pulse rate.

The EMTs reached the patient at a local clinic where Yadav was admitted. While the local clinic handed the patient over to the EMT team, it didn’t provide them with any medical history and diagnosis Mr Babban, the emergency medical technician, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon, immediately connected him to the cardiac monitor and pumped him with oxygen. CPR was started immediately, after taking charge of the patient.

The team of two, continued to give CPR throughout the stretch of 25 minutes with the hope of resurrecting the almost-lost heartbeat. Giving CPR in a moving vehicle is a complex task as it requires considerable and concerted effort. In entails putting adequate pressure on the patient’s chest, with the hands. Insufficient pressure, too much, or an incorrect technique, can result in various medical problems, including brain damage, even death. However, the EMT team performed the task in a way that helped the patient gain back a faint heartbeat.

“When we reached the clinic in Old Gurgaon, we found Yadav in a not-so-promising condition. His pulse was negligible, and he was not on any kind of life support, nor were there any medical attendants to support him. We immediately shifted the patient to the ambulance and started giving him CPR. Although, his condition was deteriorating, we did not lose hope, and took turns at pumping his chest, so that one of us would not get tired and lose momentum. It was a tough task, as CPR in a moving vehicle is very difficult and requires a lot of physical strength and conviction. The stretch from the local clinic to the hospital was very bumpy which further raised the difficulty level of the task. However, we were determined to revive him and therefore continued with CPR until he was shifted under the doctor’s guidance,” said Babban, Emergency Medical Technician, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon.

The efforts of the EMTs were appreciated by the family and the doctors at Safdarjung Hospital, where Yadav was shifted later. The doctors were surprised to see the patient doing much better than they had anticipated. They also appreciated the fact that EMTs did not give up on the patient and continued giving CPR, saving the patient’s life

The family was also were thankful to the dedicated and efficient pre-hospital management of the hospital,” Said Dr Sunil Singh, Chief of medical services, Columbia Asia.

The efforts of the EMTs were greatly appreciated by the hospital management team. “We are proud of our team and they will be awarded the “Star of the month “ Award says the delighted Chief Of Medical Services, Dr. Sunil Singh.

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