TRAFI world’s most accurate public transportation App launches in Pune

TRAFI, the international transit app that helps you plan your city journeys, is formally launched in Pune today. TRAFI ( is available as a free download on Google Play and AppleApp Store.

TRAFI, the world’s most accurate transit app that helps commuters find the best public transit route, continues its expansion in India with Pune today. After Bangalore and Mumbai where it was already available since April, now TRAFI will also offer its complete overview of public transport options on the web and Smartphone’s for passengers in Pune.

“This will be a great help for commuters in Pune, where traffic congestion is a day-to-day problem which leads to loss of precious daytime hours and increased harmful pollution. We’re hoping that TRAFI will bring back the confidence for Pune commuters to leave their cars behind, and instead to make use of the extensive bus and BRTS service available in Pune,” said Rajarshi Sahai, TRAFI’s India Director. He further added, “The app will now be available in Hindi”.

TRAFI’s technology provides accurate route suggestions based on convenience and speed. This is possible by aggregating and showcasing transport modes like buses, suburban trains, and metro in their entirety and analysing the transport network of a city.  The app has a dedicated news and reports section, allowing people to tag incidences and transport updates while providing suggestions for improvement of the app. TRAFI also features optimized schedules and offline route search, relieving people from the need to be constantly online while using the app.

The launch of TRAFI in Pune enables the city to realize the Smart Mobility vision of the city which includes accurate transport information and easy accessibility. The App will contribute to the Pune city by offering its dashboards, analytics, and fleet solutions to expand the coverage and improve data quality. “TRAFI is a key partner in bridging the information gap about public transport with its advanced algorithm that is equally useful for the residents and the many visitors,” admitted Mr. Kunal Kumar, the Municipal Commissioner, PMC.“TRAFI, being a global player, has been helping us prepare information for delivery to our city, all at no cost to the exchequer or for that matter the individual users of the app.”

Thanks to its new partnership with the Municipal Corporation, the Smart Cities team, and ITDP, TRAFI will be able to provide the best quality of public transport information in the city. As a Smart City Pune has a mission to improve traffic information, and by collaborating with TRAFI who are investing their resources towards the provision of Smart Mobility, the city has covered it’s important goal of a world class Passenger Information System. TRAFI and Pune Municipal Corporation have gotten into an official partnership to test public access to real time data and the improvements in usage of public transport it may result. The app already collates Bus and BRTS timetables, crowdsourced status updates and real-time information about traffic. In future, it will also incorporate real-time information for buses and upcoming metro, towards which TRAFI is working closely with the Pune city.

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