Hexaware runs for a Greener Tomorrow : Organizes ‘HexaRun ‘to generate environmental awareness

Hexaware Technologies Limited had organized a unique environmental campaign “HexaRun” to mark World Environment Day (June 5) and to create awareness among its employees to strive towards a Greener tomorrow.

The company had organized a 5 km run on the Marina Beach road, Chennai on World Environment Day. A total of 600 employees had registered for this event. In addition to the run, tree saplings and terrace gardening seeds were also distributed among all the participants in order to encourage them to be more environment conscious.

“This is our small contribution towards the environment. The idea is to spread the message and we were thrilled with the response from Hexawarians! We do not wish to limit this to a onetime activity but planning many activities to sustain the interest and the program.” said Amberin Memon, Chief People Officer, Hexaware Technologies.

In recent times, the importance of Environmental issues and Sustainable development has increased both in the developed and developing nations. Growing concern for global environment and the development of international standards for Environmental Management has created a need for businesses to adopt ‘green practices’. It involves Companies to endorse sustainable practices and increase employee awareness and commitment on the issues of environment sustainability. The Company has also sent out awareness posters and mailers to employees to emphasize the importance of Green environment. What it intends to achieve is that every employee grows a tree and nurtures their own green space. Running for a cause provides an opportunity to integrate the passion for the environment with athletic performance.

To commemorate World Environment Day the company is subsequently planning to organize TREE PLANTATION DRIVE in its Mumbai and Pune offices.

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