Del Monte brings good health in a packet, introduces Dried Apricots

Naturally Fat & cholesterol free and a rich source of dietary fibre

Del Monte - LogoAdding more goodness to its wide range of products, the pioneer in packaged fruits category, Del Monte has launched the all new Dried Apricots.

Endowed with nature’s blessings in abundance, dried apricots are a rich source of fibre and are naturally fat and cholesterol free. A premium healthy snack, this dry fruit is indeed a guilt-free option to munch upon.

Open a pack and have them as it is, or add them to you breakfast cereals, salads, desserts and dry fruit cakes. Give a Middle Eastern flavour to chicken or vegetable stews with the addition of diced dried apricots.  Relish it with yogurt or use to make amazing smoothies.

This versatile healthy pack of goodness is priced at Rs 175 for a 130g packet. Del Monte Dried Apricots is available in all Superstores and Retail outlets.

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