edX: Course on ‘Introduction to Banking and Financial Markets – I’ by IIM Bangalore starting from May 19th, 2016

Gain insights into the complex and dynamic world of Banking and Financial Markets

The world is witnessing an exponential increase in the free flow of capital across countries. Banking institutions and financial markets, being the predominant conduit for such free flow of capital across countries, have therefore become even more ‘globally interconnected’. Such a globally interconnected financial system, combined with regulatory systems that are country-specific and hence varying considerably in rigor and implementation, has further compounded the risks and the consequent contagion, as witnessed in the global financial meltdown that was triggered in 2008.

EdX’s new course titled “Introduction to Banking and Financial Markets” aims to provide insights into the complex and dynamic world of Banking and Financial Markets. Taught by IIM Bangalore over a period of 7 weeks, the course will be delivered in two parts. The first part will help learners demystify the role of banking and financial markets in any country, the products and services they offer and the underlying market mechanisms.

The second part of the course will examine the risks embedded in banking and financial markets, how these risks have been heightened because of a globally interconnected world and the regulatory and governance mechanisms to minimize adverse outcomes in such a complex system.

One can enroll here: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-banking-financial-markets-i-iimbx-fc201-1x-0

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