Times and Trends Academy Begins the Academic Year with a Seven-Day Power-Packed Induction Session for Its Students

An extraordinary seven day Induction Program of the current batch at Times and Trends Academy was held in Pune. “A good start is half the battle won,” said Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy.

Amit added, “It was a great Induction cum Orientation Program conducted by our expert faculties for the Times and Trends Academy students. At Times and Trends Academy, we take induction process very seriously, it is a power-packed program with many group and individual activities. And yes, learning comes along.”

The induction program included activities and small sessions that discussed skill development at lengths. Leena Bhumra, Life Coach, also nurtured students at Times and Trends Academy’s Induction Program. Students were deeply engrossed at the Induction Program. During the discussion, one of the students asked about the importance of soft-skills. To this, Amit responded saying, “Studies conducted by major universities and business organisations indicate that less than 10% of job failures are due to inability to master the technical aspects of the job. And this means that more than 90% of such failures are due to lack of understanding of life, own capabilities, and the lack of motivation to acquire, and apply this understanding. Therefore, we need the training to bridge the gap.”

Times and Trends Academy is one of the top institutes that offer courses like Fashion Styling & Image Design, Fashion & Lifestyle Boutique Management, Interior Design & Styling, Interior & Lifestyle Business Management, Event Management, Jewellery Designing, Animation Design, Vastu-Shastra, Set Design, Landscape Design, etc.

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