Balma and Manisha to elope in Sahib Biwi Aur Boss!

Sunny’s (Vipul Roy) producer turns out to be fraud and is arrested for fleecing youngsters by giving them hopes of featuring in a film and taking money from them under the pretext of producing a film for them. The conman producer is finally nabbed and the Sunny’s dreams of starring in a film are completely shattered.

Sunny who has given up on any hope finally decides to approach Mandodari (Resham Tipnis) to produce a film for him. Sunny disguises himself as Balma Pandey (Vipul Roy)and manages to convince Mandodari to produce a film and sign Sunny as the leading man. Mandodari who has been completely bought over by the idea leaves for Anisha’s (Mugdha Chapekar) house with Balma in tow to sign Sunny for the movie. However Sunny is in a fix when he realises that both he and Balma cannot be present at the same place and time when Mandodari is handing over the cheque to him and to get out of the situation he devises a plan to get rid of both Balma and Manisha permanently. When Mandodari reaches Anisha’s house she learns that both Balma and Manisha have eloped leaving a letter behind declaring their undying love for each other. Mandodari who is very dejected and feels Sunny’s pain decides to start an affair with him. Mandodari finally appoints Sunny in place of Balma much to Anisha’s chagrin.

How will Anisha react to this latest development?

Vipul Roy who plays Sunny in SAB TV’s Sahib Biwi Aur Boss, “Sunny to get out of another tricky situation lies again about Balma and Manisha eloping. However for the time being he is relieved but he later realises that Mandodari is now trying to pursue him since Balma Pandey is out of the race. With this latest challenge coming his way Sunny finds himself stuck in a situation and finds it hard to get out.”

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