Supernatural twist in Sony Sab’s YARO ka Tashan

Sony Sab’s funniest SciFi show Y.A.R.O. Ka Tashan has a new supervillain Mr. X.  Last week, with a greed of being rich, he was horrifying the city with a creepy super-ageing drug called Zapata! Yaro who is now a superhero known as YO-Man was easily able to defeat Mr. X and his stooges and save everyone from his evil plans. Unable to accept this defeat, Mr. X vouches to take revenge by destroying YO-Man.

In this week’s track, the entire society is disturbed by a ghost haunting experience. A well-known ‘Baba’ is called over to scare the ghost away, but his petty attempts do not work. YO-Man feels helpless as he can’t save his loved ones from this catastrophe.

SONY SAB TV LogoJust then, Mr. X played by Ajay Sharma will finally be entering the show, but disguised as a naïve geeky researcher, in the pretense of helping the society to get rid of the ghost. The researcher who calls himself Raju miraculously makes the ghost go away, however, no one realizes that Raju was Mr. X himself and the ghostly noises were made by none other than him. Thereby, Mr. X wins their hearts and requests them if he can stay there as a paying guest. Professor Agarwal gladly agrees and gives Mr. X a free pass into their home.

Anirudh Dave who plays the role of YO-Man in the show, said, “YO-Man has never experienced a ghost before so it is very strange concept for him to understand. It will be a great adventure hunt for him to identify the source of the ghost noise. Mr. X is going to be a very interesting addition to the show, because he will be constantly challenging YO-Man to do his duties towards his family and the society. Really looking forward to working with Ajay Sharma who will play the role of Mr. X”

Now that Mr. X is in close proximity of YO-Man, what will happen next?

Tune into ‘Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan’ to find out, Monday – Friday at 7.30pm only on Sony SAB!

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