Hafele Slido Classic 120 Series

Sliding doors have become an essential part of residential and commercial areas due to their versatility, ease of use and countless applications. It therefore has become a necessity to continuously develop and innovate in order to cater to the ever-changing lifestyle and technological demands from these fittings.

Häfele has numerous sliding systems under its SLIDO range catering to varied needs in every area of your life. The new sliding systems under its Classic Range – Classic 120 W, 120 XL, 120 F and 120 S act as enhanced versions of the previously available systems under the SLIDO series. They come with improved rollers and tracks and allow you to avail the maximum door height, width or thickness possible for your sliding doors.

To acquire sliding systems with soft opening and closing features, a new double-sided Smuso system has been developed with a more compact structure and better functionality. The system is modified in such a way that you now require a single universal system that can be used for both single and double doors, easing installation complexities and lessening ordering difficulties.

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