ZEE 24 TAAS YouTube Page Hits 100+ million views in August

ZEE 24 TAAS recently crossed the mark of 100 Million views on YouTube as it recorded a total of 101.6 Million views in the month of August and counting. The channel managed to engage 3.1 Million Minutes of its total viewers for the month of August 2021, which is comparatively more than 2.5 times views with respect for 35.6 Million views which they received in the month of November 2020.

Keeping the current analytics of viewership in mind that an individual’s average social media usage is 2 hours per day, the channel focused their energy to create quality content in order to attract the attention of the audience through social media rather than going through mainstream methods.

Commenting on the achievement of the 100 Mn milestone Nilesh Khare, Editor and Business Head, ZEE 24 TAAS, said “It’s a clear indication that ZEE 24 TAAS content is directly connecting with the people as we are giving hyper local and unique original content to the audience on our various platforms. This is just a beginning and in the future, we will surely have many more milestones and records coming for ZEE 24 TAAS. Looking at the festive season ZEE 24 TAAS will bring in special programming on the channel starting with special Ganpati Aarti till Anant Chaturdashi and exclusive programming on Ganpati Aarti by Marathi Celebrities every day till the end Ganpati Festival. ZEE 24 TAAS shall continue to hold Vikas Maharashtracha series where Industry experts and stakeholders will gather on one platform to discuss various aspects of growth and development, across Maharashtra State in the month of September.”

ZEE 24 TAAS has taken digital entertainment to a different level in India with versatility in its shows and programmes and even after achieving the aforementioned milestone there is no stopping for the channel.

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