TABPS Pets Raises Money – Launches Ayurvedic powered Pet products

TABPS Pets Pvt. Ltd., a start-up based in Coimbatore focused on pets’ essentials with an ayurvedic twist, has raised money from angels and well-wishers. TABPS Pets Pvt. Ltd. is founded by Brindha Prabhu along with Arun Mukherjee and Soumya Malani. Brindha Prabhu has always been excited about pets and animals. She was born in an agriculture family and married into a family as passionate as she is about animals and pets.

To put her passion and love for animals and pets to benefit all pets and pet patents, she has launched the FiloMilo brand under TABPS Pets Pvt. Ltd. As per Brindha, “Our country is blessed with all the raw materials needed to make quality dog and cat foods. But we still end up importing tonnes and tonnes of pet food. The risks of doing that are many and it got highlighted due to supply chain disruptions in Covid. TABPS seeks to fill that need for Indian made quality food for pets and at the same time make the country more atma-nirbhar in Pet food sector too. This fundraiser is the first step towards that process.”

TABPS, under the guidance of Brindha, has sought to add an ayurvedic twist to the pets’ food and treats. The company has launched FiloMilo Real chicken biscuits laced with Brahmi Powder. Brahmi powder has been proven to increase the mental growth and memory power for dogs. This the company feels will be a great training treat and also helpful for the overall mental health of dogs. Apart from the treats, this start-up will provide the best and international standard food and grooming product for pets powered by Ayurveda. Thousands of years of ayurvedic goodness will now be available to pets with the help of FiloMilo and TABPS.

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