Showcase your story your way with Crocs Jibbitz Charms

Crocs, Inc. the global leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children, has introduced its exclusive designs to their Jibbitz Charms collection in India. Keeping in mind the ever-growing trend of personalization in the fashion industry, the new designs in Jibbitz Charm collection lets your footsies do all the talking for every occasion. Some of the recently launched Jibbitz include Indian phrases like Bindass, Jugaad, Swag, Patola etc. helping millennials express their true self and giving a funky twist.

The comfortable Classic Clogs can be personalized according to your mood & creativity, providing the perfect style and comfort to your basic outfits. The Jibbitz charms are fun little images, letters, sayings, characters, and bits of pop culture mounted on a post to pop into the holes of your Crocs Classics. With 13 holes on each Crocs Classic, you can sport up to 26 at a time – or get creative with where you wear them! With a tight fit, your Jibbitz  charms will stay put, allowing you to show off your hobbies, sense of humor or latest obsession on your feet as long as you’re kickin’ in your Classics.

Crocs has Jibbitz for every mood! Whether you love to travel or eat or love superheroes – Classic clogs will help you express your persona effectively!

The Classic clogs come in an array of different colors so that you can wear them with an outfit of your choice, from neutral shades like white, black, and navy blue to trendy shades like cantaloupe, neo mint etc. So go around flaunting what you love!  On days you feel like going all out, you can go around in a pair of clogs fully loaded with jibbitz to show off your collection and on days you want to be minimalistic, you can put on as many you like. There are endless possibilities to what you can do with jibbitz. It all depends on your imagination.

These Jibbitz charms are available at a store near you or online at

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