Dev Deepawali celebrated on the Ghat of Benaras, one of the largest indoor installation in India at Vegas Mall

  • Visitors mesmerized by the Spiritual and Motivational Satsang by Shardhey Ajay Bhai Ji
  • Temple structure, beautiful carvings and pillars, water bodies, twinkling lamps, and ornate bells were the part of Ghat of Benaras installation.

India is a country of festivals and celebrations which means fun, joy and shopping. But this year due to COVID 19, people celebrated these festivals at their home only which is opposite to what Indians are known for. To bring joy and smile on its visitors face in these challenging times Vegas Mall decided to celebrate ‘Dev Deepawali’ with them to ensure they go-back feeling happy with moments and memories to cherish for a lifetime. All social distancing practices thoroughly ensured and followed during the celebration.

Dev Deepawali, literally translating into “Diwali of Gods” or “Gods Festival of Lights” is a huge celebration in Benaras. On this day the gods are believed to descend to Earth to bathe in the Ganges. The steps of all the river ghats of Benaras are decorated and covered in diyas in honour of Goddess Ganga.

To make visitors feel that they are at Ghats of Ganga, one of the largest indoor installations was done at Vegas Mall. The installation had a temple structure, beautiful carvings on pillars. The artificial water body was also prepared with floating twinkling lamps. Visitors were mesmerized by the spiritual and motivational satsang by Shardhey Ajay Bhai Ji.

Dev Deepawali Celebration at Vegas Mall - Delhi

On the occasion, Harsh V Bansal, Director, Vegas Mall, said, “Dev Deepawali on the Ghats of Benaras is the most mesmerizing sight to behold this year at Vegas mall. The festival is considered as a “Festival of Lights of the Gods” in Benaras. We wanted to make sure that Vegas Mall gives a one of a kind experience to our patrons. We invested in this enthralling structure, especially to give a very unusual experience that the mall industry has never done before. We at VegasMall will make sure to give a similar experience to our patrons in the future as well.”

Ravinder Choudhary, Assistant Vice President, Vegas Mall, adds, “This year, at Vegas Mall, we bring to you the glory of the holy city of Benaras which is also the oldest city in India. Benaras is imbibed with culture and art which we wanted to bring to people this Diwali. The idea to create this structure was to bring some newness and positivity along with making the aura of the mall to soar new heights. This year, people would love to experience an out of the box, beautiful man-made structure, that we have put our heart and soul into to bring some novelty to Vegas Mall.”

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