Ensure your child’s digital safety in 3 simple ways

Ensure your child’s digital safety in 3 simple ways

With children learning from home and increasingly spending more time on their devices, digital safety is a key area of concern for parents. Knowing your kid has access to infinite content, endless ways to connect with others and even the time spent browsing every day can be worrying.

This November, as we celebrate Child Safety and Protection month, it is important to be aware of potential dangers in the online world – and ensure that they are protected.

Microsoft Family Safety app keeps your children safe while they learn and play digitally, and it is available both on iOS and Android.

1. Build schedules for healthy digital habits

Having arguments and negotiations with your children on screen time? The time limit feature lets you set controls on your children’s devices, allowing you to choose how much time your child has each day and when they can use the device. Give them the flexibility of being on their devices more for learning but keep them focused by limiting the time they can spend on apps and games.

2. Set healthy boundaries

While keeping your child’s online safety in mind, it is essential to make sure they are viewing content that is suitable for their age. You can monitor inappropriate content, suspicious text messages and block harmful websites your children might visit unknowingly and even record their conversations. Especially designed to protect children from cyber-bullying, this feature works in a tight concert with the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows, Xbox, and Android. Microsoft has even added a new feature to block or unblock specific apps.

3. Note activity reports

As your child begins using devices more frequently and for different purposes, it is important for you to keep a tab on these changes. Keep a lookout on where your child is spending more time and on which device to make required changes to their usage. Weekly activity reports can be viewed on the Family Safety app across all apps, games and devices. Moreover, your kids can ask for more time to browse, play games etc. and you can decide accordingly basis the weekly activity report.

Try the Microsoft Family Safety app today! 

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