ITC’s Candyman Fantastik ‘Cricket’s Snacking Partner’ campaign celebrates quintessential fan moments during match hours

ITC Ltd.’s confectionery brand Candyman Fantastik, acclaimed for its crispy wafer rolls filled with luscious choco creme, has released a set of 12 new contextual TVCs for its campaign ‘Cricket’s Snacking Partner’. The campaign celebrates extraordinary, on-the-field, cricketing moments that elicit exhilarating fan moments, calling for a sweet indulgent celebration. Through this campaign, the brand endeavours to become an inclusive part of consumers’ at-home, cricket watching experience. ITC forayed into the sizeable bridge chocolate and wafer crème market with the launch of Candyman Fantastik last year. Fantastik from ITC Foods has been amongst the most successful launches in this segment recently with an encouraging consumer response for the unique offering.  

The three phased campaign, led by contextual TVCs, amplified through subsequent influencer and extensive sampling activities, intends to sweeten up consumers’ homebound cricket cheering experience. Candyman Fantastik Chocostick’s unique cylindrical shape makes it a relevant mnemonic for stumps or the handle of a cricket bat. The contextual TVCs translate the spirit of a cricketer’s ‘Fantastik’ celebratory moment into one which can be replicated by consumers at home with the product, taking a differentiated approach to sweet snacking experience. To further elevate the consumers’ match viewing experience, Candyman Fantastik has launched an in-home mini treats pack, ideal for snacking by oneself or with friends and family during match hours. 

The TVCs have been developed around three major fan moments including a batsman’s cricketing milestone represented by raising the bat, taking a wicket by completing a catch and feeling ecstatic about it and rejoicing a team’s victory in the quintessential cricketing style by uprooting the stumps. Each of these moments has a customized TVC for the fans from different cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. The TVCs which start by re-creating the ‘celebrated moment’ soon cut to the fans taking delight of the achievement, burst into excitement and seeing themselves celebrating akin to the player shown in the beginning.  

Watch TVCs here:  

TVC 1 – Century: 

TVC 2 – Catch: 

TVC 3 – Wicket: 

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Anuj Rustagi, Chief Operating Officer – Chocolates, Coffee and New Categories – Food Division, ITC Limited says, “The rise of in-home consumption is reshaping snacking, paving way for increase in small moments of sweet snacking at home. To meet this emergent need of consumers, we have launched Candyman Fantastik mini treats bag with 32 units at an attractive price, tapping into the smart in-home snacking space and expanding the opportunity for Candyman Fantastik beyond the impulse, on the go snacking space.’’  

A bag of 32 units of Candyman Fantastik mini treats has been attractively priced at Rs 100.  

The campaign’s influencer-led phase involves a fun digital engagement where individuals can get themselves a ‘Fantastik’ makeover. By submitting a picture of themselves enjoying the match at home, they will receive a vibrant illustration of themselves which replicates a real, on-ground moment of cheer while watching the match. The quirky illustrations designed to re-introduce the magic on the field into consumers’ homes, are presented as a token of celebrating their excitement. Furthermore, to help viewers make the most of their viewing time, Candyman Fantastik will also partner with a popular online and food delivery platform to carry out an extensive sampling of their sweet treats for orders on select restaurants during match hours.  

The campaign will be broadcasted on Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram across Mumbai, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu during all cricketing matches and have tactical activations through social media influencers. 

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