ThefreshPlatform introduces “ready-to-cook meal kit” to create a revolution in Indian home cooking!

Cooking Simplified-Just few clicks and the ingredients gets delivered at your doorstep!

Cooking was never been so fun and easy! ThefreshPlatform; a venture of Bangalore based Wecare Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. brings ready-to-cook meal delivery service provider whose sole mission is to make the home cooking fun, easy, hygienic and full of nutrition and originally made at home!

Ordering a meal kit from the ThefreshPaltform website is convenient and swift with simple payment interface and varied options of dishes. A meal kit contains:

  • High quality GROCERIES sorted, washed…
  • Fresh VEGGIES cleaned, cut into its required size…
  • Best Quality MASALAS pasted, prepared…
  • All items perfectly portioned and made pan ready for easy cooking
  • Simple cooking guidance, in case you need help

350+ dishes, ranging from Breakfast, Mid Morning Snacks, Lunch, Evening Tea/Snacks and Dinner; Salads, Starter, Main Course, Rice, Dal, Indian Breads, Accompaniments to various beverages and Desserts; Indian (covering all regional preparations), Mughlai, Thai, Chinese, Oriental, Italian, Mexican and Continental cuisines delivered to doorsteps as per the choices and preferences of the customers.

ThefreshPlatform meal kits are contained with all ingredients, including salt and cooking oil. Only the water needed to be add water as and when required. That’s it!

The entire cooking and all other kitchen work can be finished in just 15-20 minutes. Is it not super convenient?

thefreshplatform - Ready to cook - meal kit

ThefreshPlatform don’t just deliver convenience as a simple service attribute but they deliver convenience across every customer touch-points. They create recipes, meal plans as per the customers’ food habits and palate preferences, bring healthier choices and better ingredients right to home.

They say, “this is not so called outside food, this is your home food, cooked by you, the way you wish to prepare for yourself and your family. We have just tried to help you to reduce your time, effort and hassle for that. And guided you to cook, whenever you needed any help.”

Announcing the launch of the one of its kind service, Mr. Ranjan Patra, founder & CEO of ThefreshPlatform said, “Urban life may give all the amenities for inhabitants but may not provide the peace of mind and ease of getting wholly home cooked food. People are either dependent on eateries or relying on their cooks for their daily meal. People are working and working for longer than they can. Busy. Crazy. Nonstop! By the end of the day, they are depriving of the basic requirement for life! Homemade FOOD! Now it’s more of a vex than ever due to the Covid19 pandemic. Eateries may or may not be safe, allowing cooks or helping hands to your home may or may not be secure and of course stepping out of home for groceries is an additional task. So all you have to do is to leave your all worries to ThefreshPlatform! Just order your meal from us and we will take care of your food.”

Further emphasising on the USP of ThefreshPlatform, Mr.Patra said, “we procure the best and fresh fruits and vegetables and other food ingredients needed for your choice of meal directly from the source, in turn benefiting our customers and farmers thereby bringing cost benefit and transparency to all. We tie up directly with farmers and suppliers thereby ensuring freshness of ingredients that distinguish ThefreshPlatform from others.”

ThefreshPlatform provides fresh and non-dehydrated products that are delicious, nutritive, and ideal for daily consumption unlike dehydrated food that contains zero water, results in loss of taste and is not benefited for health. All are packed in a hygienic sealed  box, one just need to cut the pouches, pour it in a pan and finish cooking in a jiffy. This food is absolutely homely and light on stomach.

ThefreshPlatform is backed by experienced team of Food Technologists, Nutritionists, Chefs,IT and Supply Chain Management professionals. ThefreshPlatform serves only vegetarian products.

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