Extreme Pre-term Baby Born at MGM HealthCare, Discharged After Attaining Optimal Weight-gain

MGM Healthcare announced the discharge of  Baby Tenammai, who was born at 28-week gestation. This is an extremely rare & extreme pre-term birth and therefore had to remain in the neonatal intensive care unit for over 60 days after birth. That the birth and hospitalization were in the middle of the pandemic is another remarkable feat. Baby Thenammai underwent treatment to attain normal size and weight, under an expert neonatology team led by Dr. Binu Ninan, Head of Department – Paediatrics and Neonatology, MGM Healthcare.

Explaining the details of this exceptional case, Dr Chandrakumar said that the baby was considered to be an extremely premature birth and had a very slim chances of intact survival.

“The baby girl was born on April 25, 2020 after being in gestation for about  28 weeks, which is almost 4 months earlier to the projected due date, and hence considered to be a case of extreme premature birth due to pregnancy-induced hypertension.

“The baby weighed 750 grams which is considered to be an extremely low birth weight. She was immediately shifted to neonatal intensive care unit after birth and spent a challenging 60 days in the unit, said Dr. Binu.  

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The newborn had several complications such as breathing difficulties and perforation of the bowel which made it necessary for incubator and intensive care. It took about three weeks post the 60-day battle in the intensive care unit for the baby to start normalising and recovering. She was finally put on milk feeding and discharged at a weight of 1340 grams, which is a great improvement considering the health complications she faced.

“We are happy to have safely ensured the safe discharge of Baby Thenammal  amidst this pandemic in spite of these many complications. This is what we call ‘intact survival’, which is the right of every baby, including preterm babies. Our experience with the baby was very satisfying  and  we are glad that we could give her back to her parents in stable condition, just like any normal baby,” adds Dr. Ninan.

“We are happy we chose MGM Healthcare for our baby’s care who had to face such a difficulty immediately after birth. This care has provided a new lease of life for our baby. The hand-held support from the doctors and nurses is what comforted us throughout these 60 days. This care is something that we will cherish all our lives,” said Mr Arunachalam an elated father of Baby Thenammai.

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