Columbia Asia Hospitals conducted a blood donation drive to support and encourage blood donation during the Covid times

Columbia Asia Hospitals, Bangalore conducted a blood donation drive to encourage and support the need of blood donation to save lives. Columbia Asia Hospitals at Yeshwanthpur, Whitefield and Sarjapur have undertaken this initiative in order to spread awareness and urge everyone to play their role in saving lives during the pandemic.

Blood donation is very critical during the time of COVID-19 and there is a need to educate people about the importance of donating blood for those in need. The blood donors are no less than superheroes for showing courage by fearlessly stepping out and volunteering during the ongoing pandemic situation.

The event was attended by blood donors, doctors, nursing and other paramedical staff. The hospital management inaugurated the event and they took the occasion of World Blood Donors Day to highlight the importance of the blood support in emergency wards and the ICU. Doctors encouraged and informed people at the event on the need for more voluntary donors in India in order to fill in the gaps, especially due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Columbia Asia Hospitals conducted a blood donation drive

The awareness event saw participation of more than 150 donors across all the three hospitals. The hospitals have implemented all WHO and ICMR mandated safety protocols. The event had display of posters, standees, brochures and social media platforms conveying the key message of the importance of blood donation.

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