Advanced safety powered with cutting-edge technology with Grafdoer’s Touchless range

Designed with utmost safety measures, the all-new touch-less range from the house of Grafdoer includes Automatic Sensor Faucets, Self-control taps, pedal control taps for basins, and Automatic soap / sanitizer dispenser

Maintaining proper hygiene to curb the dissemination of coronavirus is the need of the hour. Understanding the same, Kitchenware and Sanitary-ware brand Grafdoer has launched its brand new-line of hygienic touch-less sanitary-ware accessories which includes Automatic Sensor Faucets, Self-Closing Taps, Pedal-Control Taps, and Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser machines. All the products manufactured by the brand in this range allows hand-free accessibility and easy to operate mechanism. Not just hygiene, these products also ensure a greener environment as all the faucets are designed with an intelligent computerized mechanism to eliminate water wastage by 70%. The touch-less range comes with a product warranty, unmatched quality standards, and an alluring design. These products are designed to provide maximum safety in offices, public utilities such as gyms, lounge, restaurants, institutions, and homes as well in a complete ensemble of safety and style.

Kitchen and Sanitary-ware brand Grafdoer

Speaking about the product range individually, the Automatic Sensor Faucets for Basins are aesthetically designed and comes with an optimized intelligent micro-computer design allowing intelligent control. The water flushes out and stops automatically without any physical contact with the body of the faucet. This helps in avoiding the transfer of virus and other bacteria’s as well. The aerator also reduces the wastage of water by 70%. Hence offering an environment-friendly and economical product for all the customers. The Automatic Sensor Faucets are designed in three different variants – SP 10104, SP 10105, SP 10106. The sensor response is quite nimble and offers a 2-year product guarantee.

The Pedal control tap under the new range is another economical and functional solution which allows individual to completely avoid germs dissemination via bare hands. A foot-controlled pedal is an ideal alternative for manual taps in public places and office spaces. These taps can be easily installed in conventional basins while ensuring similar accessibility as the conventional taps.

Automatic Soap/Sanitizer dispensers are undoubtedly the need of the hour in both personal and official spaces. Grafdoer has precisely designed their soap/sanitizer dispensers to fit in everywhere easily. This battery-operated product ensures around 20,000 dispensing rounds with a single battery. Talking about its storage capacity, the dispenser tank can store 500ml of Soap/ sanitizer and can be easily operated by placing hands beneath it. This is an ideal product designed to be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, gyms and lounge, commercial places, etc.

Commenting on the launch of Grafdoer’s new-line of products, Mr. Vinay Jain, Founder, and CEO, Grafdoer added “Our customer’s need is our priority and preference. Given the current pandemic scenario, Grafdoer’s new line of touch-less series is designed to provide the utmost safety and hygiene by eliminating the need for touching the surfaces in order to prevent the spread of viruses. With the launch of this new range, we have focused on maintaining sustainability in our products to help people stay healthy and safe at their homes or workplaces during the ongoing crisis. We are working 24/7 to cope up with the new market demand for sensor technologies to serve our customer’s interest and safety to survive in this non-contact lifestyle which will be the #NewNormal.”

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