OSRAM UV-C Lamps Show the Way Towards Total Protection Against COVID-19

The global upheaval created by the Coronavirus outbreak and the deadly COVID-19 disease caused by it, have altogether highlighted the need for implementing social distancing and best hygiene practices, besides improving air quality. In such a scenario, demand of OSRAM UV-C lamps is set to rise in post COVID society, especially for air cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. The importance of UV-C Lamps has increased manifolds considering their effectiveness in destroying the DNA and RNA of the microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, yeasts and viruses. Worldwide, hospitals are now using UV-C lamps to disinfect the air and surfaces, even Metros are using UV-C lamps to keep the underground metro network air clean and many more. In this fast-emerging scenario, OSRAM, a leading global brand in lighting industry has come up as one of the leading provider of UV-C Germicidal Lamps.

Air-conditioning systems used in many applications can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, particularly if they are not cleaned regularly. The air conditioning systems also play a lead role in distributing these pathogens throughout the room. To effectively deal with post-COVID-19 situation, OSRAM UV-C germicidal lamps can be installed in ventilation ducts to clean the air passing through them. As the air flows through the air conditioning system, UV-C can suppress the formation of mold in the air conditioning system and help to reduce viruses and bacteria, preventing them from multiplying.

Offices and commercial institutions being an important part of economy can’t be in lockdown mode forever. However, post-COVID-19 offices may not remain the same and there will be off course implementation of hygienic practices and moreover, demand of UV-C lamps will increase, especially for air cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Healthy air quality significantly improves employees’ productivity as well, since productivity of the employees increases if the air is free from bacteria and viruses.


Mr. Avinder Singh, CEO – OSRAM Lighting Pvt. Ltd. India said, “In post-COVID-19 society, the importance of OSRAM UV-C Lamps has reached to even greater level. We are proud to offer such products intended to offer much desired protection against contamination of air and surfaces in the situation prevailing due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides regular applications, recently we have secured various queries of OSRAM UV-C lamps for many innovative applications. Just to give you few examples – 4W, 8W, 11W HNS UV-C Lamps to be used for small/big size box like devices developed for household usage to disinfect groceries, vegetables, keyrings, wallets etc. This can have small scale commercial usage as well. For large-scale commercial usage – 30W, 36W HNS UV-C lamps to be used in special devices for doctor’s clinics, OT rooms etc. 25W, 30W, 36W HNS UV-C lamps to be used for conveyor belts in airports, hotels, offices etc.”

In today’s scenario, it is also urgent to improve the immune system and keep the students healthy who are the future of the country. Healthy and fresh air increases the amount of oxygen which helps the white blood cells to function properly by fighting the bacteria and killing germs. To improve immune system and build concentration, students need bacteria/virus free air in educational institutes/coaching centres, which require installation of UV-C lamps in their AC system. Hence demand of OSRAM UV-C lamps from such institutions is expected to increase manifold in post-COVID society.

In a similar manner, OSRAM UV-C lamps can be the best defense in any customer-oriented supermarkets which should also keep inside air free from Bacteria/Viruses. Concurrently any big halls or the malls which register heavy footfall would also require to take adequate precaution, considering that no customer would ever return if he gets any infection like cold, cough and flu simply by visiting there. OSRAM UV-C lamps installed in AC system improves air quality, besides offering protection from harmful microorganisms. If such protection is guaranteed, customers would love to enjoy happy shopping mood amid healthy air.

Looking at the vulnerability of the patients to bacteria and viruses, hospitals need the most purified air free from Bacteria and Viruses not only to protect the patients, doctors, nurses and the hospital staff, but also to prevent the further spread of the virus in the society.

Restaurants are the other target market category for OSRAM UV-C Lamps as dining can never be fine if inside air of restaurants isn’t fresh and pure. Considering that most of the restaurants remain cautious only about the food quality, but all goes in vein if the air inside their premises is foul or polluted. It’s a fact that if we are not careful about hygiene germs may find their way in our mouth, while consuming food. To give a happy, refreshing and vibrant ambiance to the dining space OSRAM UV-C Lamps are the most obvious requirement in the AC system.

Installing OSRAM UV-C Lamps inside a movie halls would help in providing the viewers a healthy and happy movie viewing experience free from any probability of catching infection both while they are inside or come out. Obviously the movie buffs would like to visit such a multiplex again and again.

When currently there is no effective remedy of COVID-19, prevention is the only safeguard, hence it is urgent to learn how to live with COVID-19 pandemic with effective prevention.

OSRAM remains committed to offer the most exciting product line tailor made for its valued customers. OSRAM UV-C Lamps come equipped with the latest European technology to offer strong competitive value to the users.

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