PAYBACK India encourages members to fight Corona crisis by donating Loyalty Points to help Save Lives

PAYBACK India, the country’s largest multi-brand loyalty program, recently launched a campaign – Save more than just money with Points under #PAYBACKToSociety drive for its over 100 Million members. Under this initiative, PAYBACK is encouraging members to make use of accumulated PAYBACK loyalty points by voluntarily donating as much as they can to save lives and help families or individuals in financial stress or need personal protective equipment like face masks, gloves, sanitizers et al to fight coronavirus.

For this initiative, PAYBACK India has partnered with TATA Trust and World Vision, where members can voluntarily donate a minimum 1000 points to up to 20,000 points, which will be used to provide personal protective equipment, ration for families, food supplements or any essential items for needy individuals and families.

PAYBACK India has been running its #PAYBACKToSociety digital campaign since the lockdown began as its effort to help the government by continuous engagement with members in spreading awareness on the health pandemic, innovative ways to fight it by practicing social distancing and how to make staying safe at homes or premises an enjoyable period.

PAYBACK India encourages members to fight Corona crisis by donating Loyalty Points to help Save Lives 2

For the same, PAYBACK has been running various engagement activities on its social media platforms, with the latest being where members must share their innovative ways to promote social distancing, enjoy work from home or staying safe at home and helping their societies. The lucky members get to win signed merchandise from ace cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

To beat lockdown blues, PAYBACK India has been encouraging members to engage in activities such as balcony badminton, home exercises, indoor activities that help bonding with family members et al. so to remain distant yet connected, entertained and healthy.

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