Quick Government Interventions have Eased Some of the Major Operational Challenges: MTaI

Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI), which represents leading research-based medical technology companies that have a large footprint in manufacturing, R&D and healthcare worker training in India, is working with the government to ensure the continued supply of essential medical devices to the healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 situation in India.

Mr Pavan Choudary - Chairman and Director General - MTaI

Mr. Pavan Choudary, Chairman and Director General, MTaI said, “The lockdown imposed has largely been able to minimize the community spread of the virus, however this had also inadvertently affected the supply chain of essential medical devices as the instructions given from the central government to ensure smooth supply were not properly translated at the state authority levels. We are thankful to the GOI led by Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) for its leadership and its unself-conscious outreach to other departments like Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) (including Invest India) and Nava Sheva customs who joined hands to ensure Customs clearances for the medical devices which were earlier stuck.”

DoP and the Invest India team under DPIIT have also helped the industry resume warehouse operations of medical devices in New Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan. They have also facilitated curfew passes for essential staff for the supply of these essential products,” added Mr. Choudary.

With limited courier services available and restrictions on manpower movement, many medical device companies are operating with skeletal staff which is proving to be a challenge in ensuring smooth supply of medical devices to Hospitals. There are issues at Mumbai ocean port, as well as in several cities outside the big six, which need quick resolution.

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