Sleepwell reiterates the importance of sleep and encourages citizens to clock-in 8 hours of sound sleep to boost immunity and stay healthy

Sleepwell, India’s leading mattress brand from Sheela Foam has launched a campaign to create awareness about the importance of sound sleep, especially, in today’s scenario. The current Covid-19 pandemic is a huge cause for concern. People are worried about the situation and are taking all possible precautions to keep themselves safe. This is likely to affect the most important part in a days’ routine – Sleep.   Sleepwell in its campaign talks about the importance of sleep and how a sound sleep of 8 hours can help you stay healthy.

The #StaySafeWithSleepwell campaign compares the benefits of common healthy habits and lays emphasis on the fact that 8 hours of sleep is equally important to stay healthy. Some of the interesting parallels drawn are with ginger & garlic, green tea, yoga, staying indoors, having home food, washing hands and incorporating a 30-minute workout daily at home in order to stay healthy. An 8-hour sound sleep is as important.

Daily Yoga is good for health

On the campaign, Sumit Sehgal – CMO, Sheela Foam Ltd. said, “At Sleepwell, we firmly believe that to ensure good health, one must clock in a minimum of 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. Sleepwell has always pushed innovation with a focus on health and hygiene. In 2018, we introduced our Neem Fresche Technology to prevent allergies and certain diseases while asleep. The attempt now, is to raise awareness about how 8 hours of sound sleep can build up the body’s defenses. Research shows that sleep triggers the body’s natural healing and helps absorb nutrients better. Just some of the reasons why one should be making sure they get their 8 hours of sleep.”

Amidst the global lockdown, social distancing and work from home, people are increasingly spending more time in their bedrooms. The mattress is being used a lot more nowadays with people doing office work on their beds, watching more television and spending the extra time on hand with family.  Whilst everyone is taking care of their hygiene through regular sanitisation and usage of masks, it is also important to ensure hygiene and cleanliness of the mattress. With years of usage and absorption of body sweat and dead skin cells, mattresses turn into a breeding ground for bacteria & allergens. Sleepwell’s Neem Fresche offering, is a unique technology derived from the traditional goodness of Indian Neem and is present in all mattresses. It prevents breeding of germs while the air mesh fabric in certain models improves hygiene and air circulation in the mattress. This helps you stay away from allergies and keeps you healthy. In addition, as a regular habit, consumers should vacuum clean their mattress once in 3 months.

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