ITC’s newly commissioned state of the art Perfume manufacturing Facility in Himachal Pradesh commences production of Savlon sanitisers

To serve a larger national priority during these challenging times, ITC’s state-of-the-art Perfume manufacturing facility in Himachal Pradesh has commenced production of Savlon Sanitisers to cater to the soaring demand due to the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic. Commissioned recently in November 2019, the factory at Manpura in Himachal Pradesh is a world class facility designed to produce premium fine fragrances.

Amidst the global health crisis and the unprecedented surge in demand for hand hygiene products like sanitisers, ITC, on a war footing, repurposed this world class perfume facility to help produce an additional 1,25,000 litres of Savlon Hand Sanitisers.

ITC Savlon Sanitiser 55ml

During these challenging times, ITC has redoubled its efforts to ensure enhanced supply and availability of Savlon range of products in the market. This intervention will enable ITC to meet the demand surge for sanitisers in the market.  In line with the Government order and in public interest, ITC has also reduced prices of Savlon sanitisers and is working overnight to reach the new stocks with the revised prices to the market. ITC has also reinforced its efforts to enhance awareness about the importance of hand hygiene through campaigns across digital, print and other communication platforms.

Mr Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products, ITC Ltd said, Addressing a larger national requirement during the Coronavirus pandemic, ITC has repurposed its recently commissioned perfume manufacturing facility in Manpura, Himachal Pradesh to manufacture Savlon Hand Sanitizers. This initiative reinforces our efforts to enable enhanced production and supply of Savlon range of hygiene products in the market which is the need of the hour to help fight the virus and contain its spread.

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