Cornitos Veggie Nachos and Salsa Dip Combo Pack – The perfect snack for your evening hunger pangs

Summer days are all aligned to set you through dry and hot weather. Cornitos on the other hand is all prepared to beat the heat with its 260g combo pack of never experienced Veggie Nachos. The Combo pack has three Veggie Nacho Crisps 70g packs along with salsa dip 50g cup. The combo pack consists of three innovative, healthy and flavorful products – Spinach, Quinoa and Mélange Nachos. And the catch is the Veggie Nachos Combo comes with Rs 35 off on MRP as launch offer.

Seasoned with delicious spices made from Natural vegetable extracts, Veggie Nachos is the best choice of your healthy lifestyle. Cooked in Corn Oil, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Non GMO, vegetarian Veggie Nachos are all awaiting to be your best companion this season.

Cornitos Veggie Nachos and Salsa Dip Combo Pack

Mr. Vikram Agarwal, MD Greendot Health Foods, Cornitos said, “This pack is for our health conscious patrons keeping their taste and health in mind.”

This pack makes for a good choice for gifting our health concerned friends, as a travel carry bag, or some happy snacking time with your loved ones. It is a wholesome snack one can munch on guilt free.

It is completely available near your stores.  All you need to do is Go and Grab the packs and munch on the crisp of varied flavors this season.

Price: Rs. 150(185 – 35)

Net weight 260g – Nacho Crisps – Pack of 3 x 70g + Salsa Dip – 50g

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