ITC Savlon Swasth India introduces ‘Swachhata Ka Gullak’

As a part of ITC’s initiatives to support the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s call for Swachhata Hi Seva, Savlon, ITC’s leading hygiene brand, introduces SwachchataKaGullak, a unique community initiative led by school children. The concept of ‘Gullak’, an earthen pot symbolic of savings for a better future was identified to reiterate the fact that tremendous value can be generated from waste if segregated at source.

‘SwachchataKaGullak’ is being deployed in schools across Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata under ITC Savlon’s Swasth India Mission to help school children collect and deposit dry waste. The initiative was launched with the objective of sensitizing students on the need for an eco-friendly life while also becoming community advocates to help segregate waste at source into dry and wet waste. More than 1 Lakh students would be participating in this initiative. The dry waste collected through this drive will be recycled.

ITC SavlonSwasth IndiaMr. Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited “Transforming waste into a valuable resource is only possible if each one of us begins to actively segregate dry and wet waste. Savlon’s SwachhataKaGullak initiative is designed to educate school children to become environment super heroes for their schools, homes and neighbourhood. Hygiene awareness has been an intrinsic part of ITC Savlon Swasth India programme and with SwachhatakaGullak we hope to sensitize young children for a more environment friendly future.”

A major component of teaching children about waste management is also learning about waste management. To ensure further amplification to this call-to-action, the brand also released a film.  The video underlines the thought that adults need to make wise, environmentally-conscious decisions and it all starts with a small yet significant step towards effective waste segregation at source.

Watch the films here:



Fritz Gonsalves and JayeshRaut, Senior Creative Directors, Ogilvy India, said, “Today, children around the world have become the torchbearer of environmental activism. They understand the perils of waste pollution and its impact on society at large. The Savlon film emphasizes the importance of this message through a humorous approach with School children. “

ITC has implemented a large-scale “Well-being Out of Waste” (WOW) initiative, which focuses on providing an end-to-end sustainable and scalable solution for solid waste including plastic waste. The programme spans the entire value chain, right from awareness, segregation, collection to promotion, reuse and / or recycling of waste. This programme today covers over 89 lakh citizens across the country. ITC’s initiatives in waste management has enabled it to be ‘solid waste recycling positive’ for 12 consecutive years. In 2018-19, ITC collected around 16,000 tonnes of post-consumer plastic waste including around 7400 tonnes of Low Value Plastics (LVP) comprising of Multi-Layered Plastics (MLP) and thin films.

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