MS Dhoni urges people to switch to India’s first BEE 5-Star rated LED bulbs in Orient Electric’s latest ad campaign

Orient Electric, part of the USD 1.8 billion CK Birla group, has launched an integrated advertising campaign featuring MS Dhoni to promote its BEE 5-star rated LED bulbs. The company has launched India’s first 5-star LED bulb in 9-watt segment which constitutes 60% of the market. The TV ad urges people to switch to India’s first BEE 5-star rated LED bulbs for better light output and even more energy savings.

Anshuman Chakravarty, Head Brand & Corporate Communication, Orient Electric Limited said, “We were the first Indian brand to receive BEE 3-star rating in 2016 for our LED bulbs and once again, we are the first to have voluntarily adopted BEE 5-star rating. The campaign tries to increase awareness about the benefits of switching to BEE 5-star rated LED bulbs which deliver 120 lumens per watt and are 30% brighter than BEE 3-star rated bulbs.

The new TV commercial urges people in a thought-provoking way to switch “Haq Se” to Orient’s highly efficient 5-star rated bulbs. M.S. Dhoni has a longstanding association with us and therefore he was our natural choice for this campaign.”

Mayur Hola, EVP and ECD, Contract Delhi said, “Orient Electric has emerged as a brand leader as well as a thought leader in the LED lighting category. In the cluttered lighting category most conversations revolve around cost savings and energy efficiency. Orient’s differentiation is that their LED bulbs are 5-star rated and brighter at a time when other brands only really meet the government’s 3-star mandate. So, we decided to deposition 3-star rated LED bulbs by labeling them ordinary. Light-hearted and clear, the messaging drives this home with a tongue in cheek song accompanying it.”

The TV ad is strongly flanked by print advertisement and active engagement through digital touch points.

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