Next Education delivers integrated academic partnerships to digitalise Indian K-12 schools

In its uninterrupted efforts to deliver effective pedagogy, Next Education,  one of India’s leading tech-based education solutions provider and a pioneer in the K-12 segment, is gearing up to diversify its business and collaborate with more schools across the nation. The tech-based education solutions provider wants to look beyond delivering products such as digital content, labs and academic software, to providing combined integrated solutions to schools in the K-12 segment in order to fulfill students’ holistic learning needs. Next Education aims to emerge as a comprehensive academic partner to schools under the NextSchool program and partner with 150 private schools from across the country within the next three years.

Next Education - delivers integrated academic partnerships to digitalise Indian K12 schoolsIn the past 18 months, Next Education has delivered its program to nine schools from Rajasthan, Bihar, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi. A Chief Academic Officer was appointed to look over the operations.

Commenting on the program, Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-founder and CEO, Next Education India Private Limited, said, “The Ministry of Education and state governments have introduced stringent regulations for schools to shut operations over compliances and non-performance. The current state of education is witnessing a lot of problems due to lack of infrastructure and poor academic capabilities. Due to the operational battle, the academic quality gets compromised. A lot of schools want professionals to handle the educational aspect to gain more admissions and ensure positive results. That’s why we decided to intervene and take care of all the academic responsibilities of these schools. We aim to be a one-stop solution for all the academic needs of schools in the K12 segment.”

NextSchool Model

NextSchool provides schools with complete academic and administrative support, including school infrastructure and project guidance service, school technology infrastructure facilities, school management consultancy, academic management services, academic operations services, student enrolment consultancy, talent acquisition consultancy, parent orientation programme and strategic alliances.

Unlike the franchise models available in the market, NextSchool does not require institutions to be named as a NextSchool. Even when the institutions decide to scale in future and open branches, they are in no way bound to enter into a partnership with Next Education again to run them. The school authorities, thus, retain the autonomy to take their own decisions and work on creating and promoting their own brand name.

Currently providing product solutions to 12,000+ private schools across the country, Next Education envisions offering complete academic support and operation solutions to the new and existing schools in the country.

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