2 Golds and 1Bronze medal for SRM IST in RoboOlympics 2018

Robotics industry is a rapid growing one with top notch advancements; India sure is catching up with all the technicalities & technologies. SRM Deemed to be University, Chennai proving the say has bagged 2 gold medals & a bronze for India at a global platform.

RoboGames formerly known as RobOlympics held its 14th edition of RoboGames 2018 at California, USA from 27th to 29th of April 2018, with a large representation from all over the world. A team of 7 members were shortlisted from SRM to represent India, ArtBot – Musical was an event in which the robot that was being used, had to play a certain instrument without human intervention. The participants were judged based on creativity, quality and diversity of the sound. SRM Team Humanoid competed against 2 entries from Turkey; SRM had a trained robotic arm to play 5 different xylophone songs. To make it interesting and more interactive the judges were given an option to choose any song they would like to listen that fascination led SRM to win Gold (1st place) in Musical.

SRM Institute of Science and TechnologyOne of the Faculty Incharge of SRM TEAM HUMANOID said; “we are extremely glad to share the success of the team in the recently held International Robot event – RoboGames 2018. SRM Team Humanoid  of SRM IST, India,  was one of the two Humanoid Robotics Team from India who were invited by the  organizers of  RoboGames 2018, to compete in the event” .

Autonomous Humanoid Challenges – Obstacle Run, where the robot must move from one end of the playing field to the other end of the 3 meter track by utilizing the least time. The robot has to sense all the obstacles and identify the gaps in the middle such that it can trace its path quickly traversing to the other end. There were three types of obstacles in the environment: hole obstacles, wall obstacles and gate obstacles. None of the obstacles had to be touched or destroyed. Finally India’s SRMTH Ghost (robot) was competing against Poland’s Nao (robot). The time recorded in Nao’s successful run was 1 minute and 15 seconds as it was an efficient factory made Robo and SRMTH Ghost recorded a successful run of just 18 seconds, creating a record at the RoboGames which ultimately led bagging another  Gold for our nation, India.

BiPed Race was an event in which the humanoid robots had to run along a 2 meter track. The fastest robot wins the competition. India’s SRMTH Ghost (robot) won a Bronze by competing with more than 6 countries including USA, China, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Mexico etc. Hongkong, China’s robot recorded their best run was as 2.6 seconds to cover two meters, Chennai, India’s Ghost recorded 7 seconds; where other teams had a longer run of 21-35 seconds. SRM’s team Humanoid has not just bagged gold but have proved that with right guidance the country’s young talents can carry nation’s pride globally.

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