Period Cramps aren’t a hassle anymore!

Dr. Rita Bakshi, senior gynaecologist and IVF Specialist at International Fertility Centre

It is time for all the girls to say a good bye to their period cramps and embracing a delightful period.

Periods are often very pestering and stressful for girls. It not really bleeding that hounds, but the Period Cramps. Menstrual Cramps are intensive pains that occurs in girls before and during their normal course of periods.

Menstrual cramps can be severe enough to impedethe everyday activities for a few days, every month. Girls often find it very difficult to even get up for normal chores. Thus, the bed becomes their best friend during these days.

For all the girls who don’t want to entertain this unwelcomed guest, here a few easy and simple home remedies to treat these period cramps:

  1. Period Cramps arent a hassle anymore - Dr Rita Bakshi - senior gynaecologistDrink ample amount of water and stay hydrated– Menstrual cramps, are an unbearable foe women. Drinking lots of water helps in easy bloating, which reduces the exposure to cramps. Drinking 10-12 glasses of water every day, especially during periods is beneficial. Adding some mint and lemon shall be an icing on the cake.
  2. Always get your hands on green and leafy vegetables- Green and leafy vegetables usually have the maximum amount of nutrients that our body requires. This usually boosts your fitness levels and helps you weed out you menstrual pains. Also, introducing fish, dark chocolates and pistachio in diet plan can be very helpful.
  3. Start your mornings with a light but regular workout- It is very essential for one to shed out some time for exercise. Consistent exercise for a prolonged period can help you. Exercise helps in pumping more blood in the body, removes various toxins in the form of sweat and diminishes the cramps. It also increases the metabolism.
  4. Say no to caffeine- Consuming caffeine on a regular basis, can lead you to its addiction. Thus, one must keep a check on its consumption. Instead, going for health juices, milk or smoothies are a good option. It is seen that reducing caffeine content, also leads to reduced period cramps.
  5. Hot water bottle, to the rescue– Applying a heating pad, hot water bottle or even a hot towel works wonders. It gives an instant relief to pain during the menstrual cycles. They don’t have any side effects and also works the best and effective.
  6. Massaging your abdomen, everyday-Massaging abdomen for even 5-10 minutes each can also help relieving menstrual cramps. Massage boosts the flow of the blood in the body. There are several massaging creams and pain relief oils available which also have additional benefits for the body.

It time for us to greeting and accepting a body free any period pains and discomfort.

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