ArtiSTREE: Growel’s 101 Mall’s spectacular extravaganza for women is back!

Behind every happy and content family stands a beautiful woman who puts her best foot forward to ensure that happiness. She multitasks every single day playing a mother, a wife, a daughter, a professional, a homemaker and legion more roles – each with equal poise and grace. Her strength and insatiable spirit to excel in every profile that she lives deserves a big salute. ArtiSTREE organised by Growels 101 Mall has been paying a tribute to the indomitable strength that symbolises womanhood.

Held to coincide with International Women’s Day, the show pays an ‘artistic ode’ to women by encouraging their creative instincts. This year, the show is back in all its elements to give a platform to the talents of women from the city and provide a space for them to express themselves. To be held from March 8 to 11, it comes with the spirited motto of ‘If you have the wings, the sky is the limit.’ The registrations for ArtiSTREE 2018 are now open and here’s calling all the talented and beautiful women to be a part of this lovely show!

What is ArtiSTREE 2018 all about?

ArtiSTREE at Growels 101 Mall 2ArtiSTREE 2018 will span over five very innovative segments: Queen of Environment, Queen of Social Causes, Queen of Arts, Queen of Cuisines and Queen of Performance. Queen of Environment and Queen of Social Causes are two new segments that have been added this year keeping in tandem with the growing concern over these issues.

Queen of Environment will honour all the women who have taken initiatives to go green and save Mother Earth! If you are one of those who have a wonderful composting pit in your house or have banned plastic in your house or have your own beautiful terrace garden with a lovely patch of vegetables, this is your chance to show the world what all you are doing to save the planet. All you need to do is bring in videos and photos of all your ventures and impress the judges.

Queen of Social Causes is to pay respect to all the women who have that brilliant altruistic side to them. So, if your home is shelter to a stray or you do your best to feed the poor or you put in your bit about civic issues instead of just cribbing about them, you are a strong contender for Queen of Social Causes. You simply have to get a picture or a video of your kind deeds at the venue.

Queen of Arts will provide a platform to women to showcase their talent in fine arts like painting, handicrafts, pottery, stitching etc. You choose your medium and the canvas is ready for you!

Queen of Cuisines will provide an opportunity to display the yummy fares you have prepared – some of which are your secret recipes, your grandma’s fares, your family’s favourites or just something you whipped up as per your whims. You just got to be at your creative best.

Queen of Performance title is for all the amazing women who can dance, sing, present a skit perform mimicry and much more. You just have to give in your best and the world is your stage.

Winners of the unique extravaganza will be felicitated on March 10 in the presence of renowned personalities and celebrities. So, here’s a big shout out to all the talented women in the city. Roll up your sleeves, bring out your hidden talent and be ready to dazzle one and all with your super powers!  ArtiSTREE awaits your visit!

For registrations, call: 9833401537 or email

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