Safe’O’Buddy helping schools to ensure child safety through its new watch

In a move towards observing complete vigilance towards child safety, Safe’O’Buddy comes off as a veritable aid for the schools with their range of comprehensive range of solution. Coming in the form of watches and bands, these provide an outlet for complete supervision and surveillance, eliminating the older practices of teachers continuously tagging behind the children. Safe’O’Buddy comprises of cutting edge watches and colorful wristbands that enlist the use of smart technology, devised to provide a comprehensive outlet of protection, ensuring apt monitoring of children during school hours. These are intelligent smart-watches that assist the respective parents to supervise children ‘whereabouts’.

Safe'O'Buddy helping schools to ensure child's safety through its new watch-Safe'O'BuddyPost the recent unpleasant incidents that occurred in the country have raised questions on school authorities and are abdicating their legal and ethical responsibilities towards students. While parents are questioning capabilities of schools with respect to the safety measures, it has become important for players in the Safety and Security industry to bridge this gap. The Smart GPS watches by Safe‘O’Buddy are embedded with the cutting edge technology to enable safety and help parents to track the location of their children through using application by the following features:

  • GPS tracker
  • SOS Button
  • Voice control and recognition
  • Geofence
  • Footstep tracing
  • Call option
  • Notebook
  • And low battery alarm

After a successful stint in the USA, Safe’O’Buddy has infiltrated the Indian market with a singular aim in forming a safer world for the future generation to prosper and maintain the sanctity of safety, throughout.

Mr. Gunjan Dhanuka, Co-Founder/Director, Safe’O’Buddy said that “The world has taken a precarious turn for the younger ones as crimes escalate on a fevering pace. While parents are taking proactive measures, they should also imbibe a sense of increased ownership through incorporation of these smart watches and bands. These smart solutions are a step forward in ensuring the safety of children at every touch points. We aim to ease the pains of surveillance while making the world a safer haven for budding flowers to bloom for a brighter tomorrow.”

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