Fuschia by VKare launches its all new Cucumber & Green Tea Under Eye Serum

With global awakening towards the term ‘natural skincare’, people are now realising the long-term adverse effects of skincare products, local and branded alike, laden with harsh chemicals. Where chemical-free skincare is becoming the new norm in the world of beauty products and many global brands are introducing the concept world over, Fuschia is one such unique brand in the country. The brand has been established to help one and all in resolving their skincare problems in a natural way and is entirely dedicated to 100% natural, homemade products. The idea is to enrich the classes as well as masses of the fact that this isn’t essentially done by merely adding a label of natural, herbal or Ayurvedic to a brand but the ingredients mentioned and also appropriately verified is what actually counts.

Fuschia-Under-Eye-Serum-3-VKB0115Born out of its parent company, Vkare Bio Sciences, relatively recently in the year 2013, Fuschia has been coming up with a versatile range of skin and beauty products at regular intervals ever since, after having marked its successful entry with natural and gentle, handmade bathing soaps. The first of its kind brand in India, has now come up with an all new eyecare product and recently announced the launch of its ‘Cucumber & Green Tea’ Under Eye Serum in the market.

Commenting on the launch of this new product, Dr. Mohit Bhatia, Founder, Fuschia, said, “Our constant endeavour is to provide the most exclusive and genuine skincare pieces in their freshest form to our clients. We have been sincerely working towards a unified goal to make skincare pure and unadulterated and this new under eye serum is a next step in this direction. It will significantly help reduce the under eye puffiness and dark circles; it will also provide the much-needed relaxation and cooling to our precious eyes. To make our product easily reachable, affordable and easy to try, we have introduced convenient 30 ml airless pump bottles for the product, having priced it at a reasonable 1250 rupees.”

Fuschia-Under-Eye-Serum-1-VKB0115Further, elaborating on the benefits of its ingredients, Dr. Bhatia added, “Cucumber has a bleaching action and reduces the under eye puffiness. It also has a soothing effect on tired eyes. Green tea and green coffee beans increase the blood circulation of the tender under eye skin and thus, reduces dark circles. They also have a firming and hydrating action on the skin. Again, Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents premature ageing while aloevera lightens the skin and firms, hydrates and moisturizes the under eye skin in particular. Olive oil glycereth -8 ester is a water soluble derivative of olive oil that heals and soothes the skin and Hydrolysed pea protein is rich in amino acids that increases skin elasticity and firmness.”

Increasingly, there are various studies and reports which have come up more in support of natural ingredients such as cucumber, green tea and aloevera in skincare and so, brands like Fuschia can be expected to revolutionize the beauty market in coming years. Aside from a collaboration with the subscription boxes for distribution and the retail trade through availability on several multi-brand physical stores, Fuschia products are also easily accessible at over 100 e-commerce portals with a supply chain all across India. The brand owns its individual virtual store as well with pan-India coverage. As per its future plans, customers can soon expect to find Fuschia’s exclusive brand outlets and franchisee.

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