Mithi Kalra Launches Yet Another Striking Collection- Reviving the Old Romance

In a fashion-centric world, where most designers are going the abstract, unique and rather wild route in their designs, there are rare ones still bringing forth different shades to the traditional styles which never deserve to be out of vogue. Be it the hues, fabrics or design patterns, young designers who understand the hidden treasure in our Mithi Kalra Launches Yet Another Striking Collection 2conventional style make sure that with their innovations and transformation of the old, they bring in the best of evergreen fashion to the industry. One such among the lot will easily be Mithi Kalra, who strongly upholds that fashion is really for all and is renowned in the fashion world for her vision of creating simple yet brilliant designs, which are wearable and affordable for classes as well as masses. Ever since her entry into the fashion cosmos, Mithi Kalra designs have come across as fresh, connecting to our heritage and with a taste to suit anyone and everyone without comprising on quality.

Mithi Kalra has recently launched her latest collection, “Reviving the Old Romance”, wherein she showcases through her designs how the classic ‘Monochrome’ can never go wrong. From flamboyant white gowns to black layered fusion pieces, her new collection is all about reinventing the timeless monochrome look. It is evident that Kalra likes being grounded to the roots yet bringing in something novel each time. In her last collection as well, named as The Indian Disney Story, she portrayed a unique blend of the traditional art of Madhubani with the Disney Princess style; artistically combining together the opulent princess pastel light shades with pure silk and organza fabrics.

Mithi Kalra Launches Yet Another Striking Collection 3Elaborating on her new collection, Mithi said, “Just like music is the soul of life, you can never take out the soul of our traditions and conventional styles from fashion for it will take away the essence. I believe the monochrome look can never make one look awkward or unsuitable, no matter the time or occasion. It is an all-time trending fashion with several Bollywood and Hollywood celebs having endorsed the look at one point or another. My current designs are aimed at creating novel alterations to this old but contemporary style”

She added, “the monochrome trend, though, has been a fashion must-have for forever now but hasn’t gotten its due in some ways still. The trend is worth more and with the new variations, it is sure to revive its old romance with many yet again. My endeavour is to fulfil that longing for a fresh, youthful take on the style as a gift for its loyal lovers.”

Mithi Kalra is a recent alumni of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and has entered the fashion industry with an aim to create everyday fashion for all, which is exclusive yet wearable and high on quality. An MBA in marketing and finance, Kalra chose to follow her dream of pursuing fashion as a profession, going with her passion and natural flair for style. Her recent success with the Disney Princess collection at the India Runway Week, 2016, has earned her rave reviews for her work. She is thankful and wishes to continue producing trend-setting fashion all throughout.

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