British Council announces innovative 6-week myEnglish online learning course

The British Council announced that it will launch the latest version of myEnglish online learning course starting 25 March 2017 in Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru for adult learners. With student experience and learning outcomes at the core of course innovation, myEnglish is designed to help learners get a competitive edge and develop their communication and career-enhancing skills required to succeed in life. The courses are designed to support learners with busy work/study schedules by providing flexible study options through an innovative, interactive, online format.

Learners progress through the course with a dedicated teacher for maximum support and interaction with their teacher and course mates – bringing the British Council classroom experience into their home. Learners engage throughout the course on a dedicated learning platform and through live and interactive lessons, with clearly outlined learning objectives to contribute to their overall progress.

British Council Logo“The language learning market is not standing still in response to change, and nor is the British Council in its offering,” says Michael King, Director Examinations at the British Council. “We have been able to gain a good understanding of our learners’ particular needs in English, and we have adapted our courses to meet those needs.”

This comprehensive course will be available at three levels; each level consists of three, six-week courses. “The course is a nice combination of traditional and modern methods of teaching. Apart from language learning, it develops the skills of interaction, presentation and study.” adds Ramchandra Kulkarni, a student at the Intermediate level from Pune.

myEnglish includes both face-to-face and online interaction and each course is about 50 hours of study. The courses focus on improving language skills, communication in real life contexts, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and self-study skills.

“Now if I go for an interview, I’m quite confident. Firstly there’s a CV which states a British Council course, so one part of that is sorted; that I’m approved in terms of knowing good language, Secondly I can have a good conversation which is all thanks to British Council. Thirdly, it gave me knowledge about various things. There were varied assignments like formal letters, and everything else. It was a complete unique experience overall!” Saba Moosa, student at an Upper-Intermediate batch of myEnglish.

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