Oxford University Press organizes Maths workshop for Teachers

OUP Author and Trainer Tony Beadsworth shares insights on making Maths’ classes more engaging!

University Press India (OUPI) today organized an interactive IGCSE math’s workshop for school teachers. The workshop was led by Tony Beadsworth, author of OUP’s Complete Additional Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE® & O level. The workshop focused on building exam success for Cambridge IGCSE Maths and introduced the teachers to innovative lesson planning and activity ideas that will help them make the students  overcome their flaws in the subject and solve the most complex queries in a simpler manner.

Oxford University Press organizes Maths workshop for TeachersThe trainer Mr. Tony Beadsworth emphasized on how correct application of concepts could simplify the most complex and tricky topics in mathematics and thereby help students achieve success in IGCSE exams. He stressed on bridging the gap between IGCSE and A Levels/Diploma Program and adopting interactive teaching methodologies so as to make the subject more student friendly. His tips on the subject will help teachers to plan and manage the course curriculum more effectively by prioritizing the chapters.

The workshop by Mr. Beadsworth saw participation from over 43 School teachers from 21 prominent schools in Mumbai.

Tony Beadsworth holds a graduate degree from four universities, three in the UK. His tutelage includes Mathematics at O-levels, IGCSE, A-levels (including Further Mathematics) at a range of secondary, tertiary and Sixth Form institutions in East Africa, the UK and Malaysia for over 50 years. He has also been a tutor-counsellor for the UK’s Open University, tutoring first and second year university students, having an extensive experience in examining. Currently semi-retired and living in Kuala Lumpur, he spends his time teaching, writing, and helping Malaysian students prepare for entrance examinations to the UK universities.

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