Konica Minolta Demonstrates Its Cutting Edge Printing and Web Solutions At Printpack India 2017

The 5 day event held at the India Expo Centre and Mart in Greater Noida witnessed the presence of end to end printing solutions for businesses from leading vendors of the globe

Konica Minolta Demonstrates Its Cutting Edge Printing and Web Solutions At Printpack India 2017 5Konica Minolta, a global leader in advanced multifunctional printing segment demonstrated its top of the line printing solutions including bizhub PRESS C1100/ C1085; bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060; bizhub PRESS 1250 and MGI JETvarnish 3DS at PRINTPACK India exhibition organised at India Expo Centre at Greater Noida.

The company also launched its end to end web printing solutions at the event including CS Remote Care Global Services; Accurio Pro solutions suite and Infinite Web to Print solutions.

The company’s top executives at the event also briefed the attendees about the unprecedented return on investments which printing businesses can garner, post the deployment of these state of the art solutions.

‘’We are glad to be a part of Printpack 2017 to showcase our exceptional printing and web solutions for printing businesses in India. Konica Minolta will continue to participate in such strategic events which furnish us with an opportunity to help set new standards in India’s printing segment and demonstrate our distinguished capabilities in the field of technological innovation,’’ said Yuji Nakata, Managing Director, Konica Minolta India.

Some of the industry leading features which these solutions incorporate are as follows-:

Konica Minolta Demonstrates Its Cutting Edge Printing and Web Solutions At Printpack India 2017 4bizhub PRESS C1100/ C1085: With an industry leading speed of 100/85 A4 pages per minute in vibrant colours, the solution comes as a perfect answer of mid range businesses eyeing to switch to digital printing segment to offer precise and high quality printing outputs to expand their business.

The machine also offers at 1200*1200dpi resolution with 8-bit processing for polished, lively images fetching the owner with significant competitive advantage. The SEAD IV Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Processing System also stables the image during long press operations.

bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060:The bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 Digital Printing Press furnishes an impressive print output rate of 71/61 A4 pages per minute with excellent colour image quality.The machine with its user friendly touchscreen controls offers a maximum of 7,500 sheet paper capacity for long and consistent press operations.

Bizhub PRESS C1070/ C1060is embedded with Enhanced Simitri HDE toner for unparalleled halftone and skin-tone reproduction and is crafted with biomass plant based substance for eco-friendly operations. The machines is flexible to print on long papers upto 47 inch and can do Auto Duplex printing on media’s upto 300 GSM.

MGI JET varnish 3DS with iFoils: The solution is a revolutionary piece of technology which disrupts the dimensions of printing with its astounding spot UV and 3D tactile varnishing capabilities. The machine can transform a standard printed output into a high quality spot UV printed sheet or further into a high margin 3D embossed output with a varnish of up-to 100 microns with foiling, making the colours look more vibrant.

The inkjet spot UV coater embedded in the JETvarnish 3DS furnishes the flexibility of two powerful and in demand digital finishing outputs including traditional flat spot UV coating and new 3D digital effects combined with the Digital Foiling. The machine is tailored to receive inputs from the digital machines as well as offset.

The machine also features digital foiling and embossed foiling. Utilizing MGI’s inkjet engine technology, the JETvarnish 3DS is compatible with sheets of dimensions ranging from 8×11.8-inch up to 14.33×40-inch and thicknesses from 135 to 450gsm.

Detailing more about the trend setting technologies incorporated in these solutions, Mr. Yoshinori Koide, Marketing Head for PP Business Unit, Konica Minolta India said, ‘’Our industrial printing solutions are tailored to meet the high volume printing demands of businesses with outputs of an unparalleled quality. Our proprietary technologies like the Simitri HD toner embedded in the solutions also offer maximum efficiency and eco friendly operations to enterprises during long press operations.’’

bizhub PRESS 1250:The bizhub PRESS 1250 Digital Printing Press offers print speeds of up-to 125 A4 pages per minute and comes an unprecedented monthly duty cycle of 3 million outputs as well as real time image density and toner ratio sensors to offer maximum consistency and stability during long press operations.

The machine’s 15inch touch screen control panel also offers simple control options along with optional preview, while the state of the art Simitri HD toner crafted with biomass material furnishes eco-friendly operations.

Konica Minolta Demonstrates Its Cutting Edge Printing and Web Solutions At Printpack India 2017AccurioPro: Highly accommodating for print shops of differing size and sophistication, the AccurioPro platform’s modular design is crafted to furnish end-to-end workflow automation. The solution also ensures that PSPs can harness as little or as much of the solution as per existing requirements.

The solution comprises of three key pillars-:

JDF interoperability for seamless compatibility with existing commercial workflows like Agfa Apogee, Kodak Prinergy, and Screen Equios.

AccurioPro Conductor has been tailored for centralised and intelligent output management. Job specs (via JDF) can be leveraged from a print MIS to effectively and efficiently load balance production across a fleet of digital presses without operator intervention. The conductor can also support finishing automation with the possibility for out-of-the-box integration due to a unique JDF converter that eliminates differences between vendors that are often hurdles to integration.

AccurioPro Cloud Eye incorporated in the solution is for remote management and administration of colour quality and standards, and is particularly useful for multi-site quality control. Cloud Eye helps printing businesses in day-to-day colour control, sharing colour data across devices/sites, ICC profile creation, and reporting to ensure devices are within tolerance.

Konica Minolta Demonstrates Its Cutting Edge Printing and Web Solutions At Printpack India 2017 3Infinite Web to Print solutions: Infinite is a new segment of web to print solutions and services which will offer support to Printing businesses in expanding their operations, warranting the best commercial value.

Konica Minolta has 3000 plus production printers in India as of now and is converging its focus to enhance the support systems for the print market. The web to print solutions and services are easy to use and customers do not require any specialized skills to start up the business.

The solution will also help companies involved in printing operations to bolster sales and enhance relationship with their existing customers. Konica Minolta India, in this regard has also partnered with one of the most dynamic web to print service provider “Design ‘N’ Buy Web to Print Pvt. Ltd” to help INFINITE accomplish a downright success in the country.

CS Remote Care Global Services: CS Remote Care Global Services is an automated monitoring and communication solution serving as a bridge between Konica Minolta’s output devices and Konica Minolta Service Organisation. It also conducts regular checks to identify any technical issues and consumable depletions and alerts the users for the errors in the machines.

It also helps manage your devices conveniently by minimising undesirable downtimes, getting rid of the trouble of making service calls manually.

Speaking in a similar tone Kuldeep Malhotra, Sales Head, Konica Minolta India added, ’’Our solutions warrants a strategic business advantage to printing organisations in India. With the printing industry moving towards digitisation, our digital industrial printing solutions as well as web to print solutions helps businesses explore new revenue streams and markets, elevating their revenue figures significantly. The launched web solutions will also help businesses gain more visibility and agility in their work operations which in turn will raise the productivity of their workforce.’’

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