IndiaFirst Life revamps its customer Interface portal

  • Fully integrated sales and information portal

  • Built-in goal-based financial planner tool

  • Aim to reach larger customer base

IndiaFirst Life Insurance - LogoIndiaFirst Life Insurance,a joint venture between Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank and Legal & General (UK), has announced the launch of its sales and customer interface portal

The new website has been designed to offer user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing customers to see the full product portfolio of IndiaFirst Life.Created with the user experience in mind, the website offers enhanced online buying experience, convenient and diversified payment options as per customer suitability, having provision for evaluation of a quick quote and an added advantage of financial planning tool.

Speaking on the launch, Rushabh Gandhi, Director – Sales & Marketing, IndiaFirst Life Insurance said,“Simplicity and convenience for the customers has been our philosophy at IndiaFirst Life. Beginning from understanding a product to purchasing one, toassisting the customer during the policy lifecycle, our endeavor is to offer simplified solutions.”

IndiaFirst Life caters to more than 5 million customers across the country and intends to reach out to larger customer base, with this enhanced and interactive website.

“We wanted to ring in the new-year with a new promise, of fully-integrated website and aim to reach every customer who has a mobile phone and internet connection. In line with the current technology and trends, it is imperative to offer a simple and friendly platform for offering a delightful customer experience.” said Mohit Rochlani, Director – Operations & IT, IndiaFirst Life Insurance.

The goal-based financial planning tool, offers accurate recommendation of products & services, to the customers.

“Our in-built goal-based financial planner tool is equipped to assist customers choose the right products, depending on customer life cycle, age and goals.” added Mr. Gandhi.

In addition, the next phase of the website will have new features such as “Live Chat” to proactively address customer queries online and,one-of-its-kind multilingual support in three regional languages including Hindi, Gujarati & Telugu.

IndiaFirst Life is one of the early adopters to digitization in Insurance domain, by offering end-to-end digitalization experience to the customers. Earlier this year, IndiaFirst Lifelaunched RAPID, a “Go Green” sales process automation tool to eliminate redundancies with real time performance, Wealthifya financial planning application by IndiaFirst Life andConnectify, a mobile application for a seamless and instant customer connect.

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