Angel Broking’s ARQ Mutual Fund recommendations outperforms Index

Angel Broking, India’s top retail focused brokerage house’s Mutual Fund recommendations have outperformed the markets and is expected to finish the year with a big bang.

Angel Broking’s ARQ Mutual Fund recommendations outperforms IndexMutual Fund recommendations by ARQ, Angel Broking’s intelligent, predictive and Hi-tech automated investment engine, have beaten the benchmarks substantially in its first year of operations. The ARQ Large & Diversified Mutual Fund schemes have outperformed the benchmark 30-Share BSE Sensitive Index (Sensex) by little over 9%,and the ARQ ELSS Mutual Fund schemes has outperformed the same benchmark by nearly 7% for the November 2015 to November 2016 period. The ARQ Mid-and-Small Cap Mutual Fund schemes outperformed its benchmark (Nifty Mid-Cap 100 Index) by over 3% during the same period.

Speaking on the feat, Mr. Vaibhav Agrawal, Head of Research and ARQ, Angel Broking said, “The outperformance of ARQ-recommended Mutual Fund schemes validates the superior capability of the Robo-Analytic engine developed by Angel Broking. We have invested a lot of capital and human effort in developing and perfecting the engine that offers winning recommendations consistently. The innovative features of ARQ help Angel Broking investors to ace stock investing by harnessing the power of investments like never before. The system suggests investment strategies, make recommendations and offer the highest possible returns to the investors. Angel Broking’s clients can avail of quality Mutual Fund recommendations on ARQ.”

Retail investors, who are not comfortable with direct equity exposure, are strongly recommended to consider investing in Mutual Funds, which are investment vehicles made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and similar assets. However, identifying winning Mutual Fund recommendations consistently from a large universe of funds is not easy. ARQ with its powerful research engine makes it easy for retail investors to find winning recommendations.

The key feature of Angel Broking’s ARQ is intelligent profiling engine, forecasting and insight-driven recommendations. ARQ is powered by the combined strength of machine learning and cutting-edge cognitive technology.  ARQ processes terra-flops of historical data on Mutual Fund Schemes and Stock Markets and recommends only the best investment strategy out of billions of possible combinations.  The results are back tested by Angel Broking and the simulations have proven that ARQ performs exceptionally well in every market condition, consistently outperforming the benchmark by a significant margin.

ARQ is technology driven back tested product which follows Noble Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory and Quant based logic in providing investment recommendations that consistently beat the benchmarks.  It recommends the suitable asset allocation mix that maximizes investor’s returns for his given level of risk.  By using the algorithms based on this theory, the ARQ produces the most viable and profitable investment strategy and portfolio for investment. The high-tech automated investment engine enables retail investors to ace the stock market investing by harnessing the power of equities like never before.

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