Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon bring doctors to your doorstep with new Mobile Van

The mobile van will travel across the city public places and dispense health tips to residents

Free health check-ups to encourage people to test their blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon has launched a unique initiative this winter to educate the residents of the city about heart-healthy lifestyles and the need for regular health screenings, with a dedicated mobile van travelling across localities offering health tips and health check-ups to people.

The Hospital’s Mobile Van will visit all Resident Welfare Association (RWA), marketplaces and parks over two months, share health tips with people and create awareness among the residents about the need for following healthy lifestyles to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Paras Hospitals - Gurgaon bring doctors to your doorstep with new Mobile VanThe initiative is particularly relevant for the season as winter sees a spike in the number of people reporting heart-related illnesses such as heart attacks and angina. Extreme winter makes people with cardiovascular diseases more vulnerable to cardiac problems since the drop in temperatures puts extra pressure on the pumping capacity of the heart.

The doctors and health experts travelling on the ‘Mobile Van’ will educate people about the need for added precaution during winters as well as keeping a regular check on their vital statistics such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

“Cardiovascular diseases as well as other lifestyle disorders such as diabetes can be controlled and managed by following healthy lifestyles, sticking to medication and keeping a check on your vital health statistics. However, in India many people lack awareness about preventive measures and disease management and end up ignoring their health. Our Mobile Van initiative is aiming to change this through a patient outreach program. Our mobile vans will visit residential and public places where experts will deliver informative talks on basic lifestyle modifications like physical activity and weight management to prevent lifestyle disorders,” said Dr. D.K.Jhamb , HOD and Director , Cardiology , Paras Hopsitals, Gurgaon

At the same time, they will also offer basic health check-ups such as weight, BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar to encourage people adopt this practice on a regular basis. The Mobile Van will also distribute free consultation coupons to exhort people to turn up at the hospital for more comprehensive health screenings to rule out all diseases.

“A lot of diseases and health disorders are often diagnosed on random health screenings. There are people who do not know they have hypertension or diabetes unless they discover it on a random health check up. Unfortunately, there are others who find out their condition after episodes of stroke or heart attack by when substantial damage has been done to their internal organs. This can be avoided if we all adopt the practice of regular health check-ups,” added Dr…Neeraj Bishnoi , Facility Director , Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon

The Mobile Van is also offering crucial health tips on how to avoid a cardiac ailment during winters by adopting basic precautionary measures such as delaying the morning walk until the sun is up, dressing yourself in layers, avoiding sudden exposure to extreme cold to prevent hypothermia, covering your nose when stepping out in the cold, avoiding strenuous physical tasks or shifting your exercise routine indoors during extremely cold days.

It is essential to underline that many heart attacks are caused due to excessive physical stress or hypothermia, the condition of heart failure due to abnormally low body temperature, and people with cardiac conditions must exercise precautions during the winter months.

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