Empower Your Business’s Connectivity With Zyxel’s Rugged PoE Switches

The state of the art RGS200-12P and RGS100-5P PoE switches are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and dusty environments

Zyxel - POE Switch - RGS200Zyxel, the industry leader in next generation networking solutions has come up with two more distinctive offerings RGS200-12P and RGS100-5P PoE switches, offering 8 Gigabit PoE+ ports and 4 Gigabit + ports respectively.

The switches are tailored to operate in the harsh outdoor environments and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degree Fahrenheit to 75 degree Fahrenheit as well as dusty environments with ease.

The RGS200-12P after its deployment in outdoor conditions forms fault tolerant networks with redundant ring technology and is also embedded with self recovery capability to minimise interruptions. In case of a network error resulting in downtime, the rapid failover restores operations in less than 20 Milliseconds. The dual DC power inputs and reverse power protection also ensure continuous uptime and reliable operation.

Zyxel - POE Switch - RGS100The RGS 200-12P on the other hand offers four 10/100/1000 Base-T copper PoE ports and one 100/1000-Base-X SFP fiber interface. It also supports the 802.3at PoE plus standard, with each PoE port providing up to 30W of power to efficiently cater to the most power-hungry devices.

The fiber uplink can extend the network to long-distance nodes up to 40 km (43,744 yards) away for added flexibility. Both the switches can be installed on either a DIN rail or wall mount for efficient use of cabinet space as well as for adoption of different deployments.

The switches also offer a fan less design and compact mechanism with IP30 standard. Zyxel also recently celebrated its 10th year of operations in India and has helped countless organisations leverage the benefits of next generation networking gears since its inception.

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