Crocs’ Disney Star Wars Collection is here!

crocs logoThe force is strong, as Crocs’ Disney Star Wars collection has hit the stores. The special edition by Crocs is bringing back the memories of some of the iconic and much-loved galactic characters. The new Star Wars range is perfect for kids who love their adventure marathons, coupled with out-of-this-galaxy comfort.

With bold graphics, metallic details and additional features, these shoes will be an instant favorite not just with kids but their parents as well. They come with special Star Wars heel strap for a more secure fit. Some of these also come with glow-in-the-dark elements to keep those Crocs Disney Star Wars Collection is heretiny feet shining bright amongst the crowd. The adventure doesn’t end here. Some come fitted with LED lights on the top for those luminous strides. These clogs come finished with CrosliteTM foam construction that keeps them light in weight and fun to wear.

Children will love these heroic, battle-hardened characters on their shoes. One could choose from many variants from the Star Wars franchise like storm trooper, TIE fighter and BB-8, the astromech droid. Little ones will love teaming these funky clogs from Crocs with their winter wardrobe.

Collection at the store near you or visit

Starting Price Range: INR 2495

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