Refresh your Monsoon Wardrobe with Polo T-shirts collection from American Swan

Green Pique Polo - Rs 1299Come hail or storm, but scoring less on the cool quotient is not even an option. And as the rains and dates go hand in hand, American Swan, the fresh and preppy brand is out with its new and comfy polo tee collection this season. A colorful treat for guys who want to hoard their wardrobes with a mix of trendy and subtle clothes.

Inspired by brand’s American heritage, and bursting with color and tradition, these polos are crafted in the most hardwearing cotton and made for whatever the weekend may bring.

The collection is exclusively for image conscious guys of today who are not ready to compromise on anything, be it the crowd they hang out with or how they look when they step out.

Available in hues like coral, navy, grey, yellow, green etc. these half sleeve t-shirts are a must have this season. These ribbed collared polos are made of 100% pique knit fabric and look cool no matter the age.

You can club these crisp t-shirts with rolled up chinos, jeans, trousers, shorts etc. and amp up your style game like never before.

Available at:

Price Range: Starts from Rs.1299

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