McDonald’s opens its first restaurant at the beaches of Goa

Marks its entry into the 10th state and opens its 240th restaurant in West & South India

McDonald’s is ready to feel the Goan pulse this monsoon with its newly launched restaurant in the state. Westlife Development Limited (BSE: 505533), owner of the Master Franchisee of McDonald’s® restaurants in West & South India through its subsidiary Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited (HRPL), officially announced its entry in the State of Goa with the inaugural of its first restaurant on June 28, 2016. Goans love their food and McDonald’s is all set to get everyone lovin’ it in one of the most visited tourist destinations of India.

McDonald’s® new restaurant has found abode in the much loved Mall De Goa, a mall centrally located on National Highway 17, Porvorim and easily accessible from all routes in the state. Spread over 1090 sq.ft, this food court restaurant will deliver the same quality of food, excellent service and a relaxed ambience that the brand is internationally renowned for. It will offer customers a convenient dining experience in the mall’s open food court on level 3 and will welcome everyone to enjoy the McDonald’s® experience between 10am to 10pm every day.

McDonald’s® is proud to serve over 350 million customers annually across India by striving to satiate consumers needs and supersede their expectations. An innovative and customized mouth watering menu range has been introduced in India over the last two decades from iconic Maharaja Mac, an equivalent of Big Mac to the world-famous French Fries. In Goa, it wants to continue the indulgence with a full menu of delicious offerings including the McChicken Burger™, Filet-o-Fish, McAloo™ Tikki, McSpicy™ Chicken & Veg, Pizza McPuff™, Chicken McGrill™, McEgg Burger to Saucy Wraps accompanied with delectable dessert offerings and a wide range of hot and cold beverage options to compliment the meals.

McDonald’s® has always believed in serving good food with great taste, modern choices and fresh, quality ingredients which are locally sourced in India. McDonald’s has understood the Indian market and keeping in line with its respect for local culture, India is the first country in the world where we do not offer beef or pork items. McDonald’s has also re-engineered its operations to address the special requirements of vegetarians. Vegetable products are kept separate throughout the various stages of procurement, cooking and serving. The mayonnaise and the soft serves are also 100% vegetarian.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ranjit Paliath, Vice President, Business Operations, McDonald’s® India (West & South), Eating out has always been extremely popular in Goa and we see a lot of potential in this rapidly evolving cosmopolitan market. At McDonald’s, we always focus on providing Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC&V) to our customers and our priority has always been customer service and convenience. We are proud to bring the McDonald’s Experience to customers in Goa. Our local market knowledge combined with our proven track record of operating McDonald’s restaurants will allow us to offer an exceptional experience to Goan customers. With the arrival of McDonald’s in Goa, we are confident that we can continue to drive growth in the region by bringing customers a truly unique good food, fast experience. Our customers in the state of Goa have a strong appreciation for food and we believe we can create a unique destination between home and work where they can relax, enjoy share and discover McDonald’s world famous signature burgers and fries with friends and family. We come with a promise to delight the culinary senses of the Goan locals and bring along the classic McDonald’s® menu that is high on quality, great in taste and value for money. We are confident that McDonald’s in Goa will continue to live up to its reputation of being a family brand that provides customers a quick, tasty & affordable eating out option.”

McDonald’s has grown not only in terms of restaurants but also in diversity of people. Currently, the Goa restaurant has a team of 20-25 employees who are locally hired and trained to manage operations. McDonald’s® aims to generate more employment and provide training to local residents at par with international standards, create opportunities for first time job seekers while also adding to the strength of 7,500 individuals that they have directly employed across business operations in West & South India.

Goa, India’s smallest state is blessed with azure skies, balmy tropical breezes and exotic locations that make it a perfect holiday destination. The much sought after mall culture goes well with the relaxed atmosphere that both locals and tourists equally enjoy. The willingness of the residents to try new things and the comfortable familiarity with those visiting, makes it an ideal location for McDonald’s® to offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience and herald into a new level of dining convenience for the patrons of Golden Arches. The Goans can now come together at the newly opened McDonald’s, to unwind, socialize and spend quality time with their loved ones.

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