Experience Tshampua, an Ancient Indian massage, at V Resorts

V Resorts focuses on introducing the harried Indian traveller to unexplored, sublime destinations in the country. And so they aim to curate holiday experiences that are novel, memorable and extremely unique. Experiences around the undiscovered facets and destinations, the local gems of India are at the centre of this.

Keeping in sync, V Resorts offers Tshampua, an age-old tradition of dry massage still practiced in in the rural parts of the country. A nearly-dry (essential oil can be used on request), head and foot massage, it involves kneading and applying friction to give relaxation. A head and foot massage in true-blue desi style brings immense relaxation and relief from stress related symptoms. Mentioned in Ancient Indian texts too, the Tshampua is known to invigorate and stimulate the muscles and firm up the skin.

Tsampua is our attempt to revive the age-old technique of relaxation. As with the advent of more and more spas and fancy therapies, the head started to get increasingly ignored. Ironically, it is the head, along with face, neck and upper shoulders, that accumulates most stress.

We go back to our roots, and provide Tshampua at all V Resorts destinations. In quintessential style – outdoors with spectacular, breathtaking views. One can get Tshampua done in the lawns overlooking the hills and the lake in our resort in Sattal, amidst the green oasis of the Farm Stay in Delhi with a great view of the fruit orchards or in the gazebo in Bandhavgarh with uninterrupted views of the wildlife park.

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