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Mitashi - LogoAs the temperatures continue to soar, everyone is looking for relief within the confines of the home and office. But look no further; you now have a great choice of cost-effective, assured and proven-quality Mitashi Air Conditioners!

Trust Mitashi, India’s most popular premium homegrown value brand, to keep you cool and fresh through the searing summer heat. Mitashi has introduced 11 variants across 1-ton, 1.5 ton & 2-ton categories, catering to every consumer need.

Mitashi - AC S-01Mitashi has been innovating with the latest technology in Consumer Electronics for almost 25 years. Mitashi’s Air Conditioners are known for their effective cooling performance & quality. They use the eco-friendly R410 gas which reduces wear and tear. They also use 100% Copper Pipes which ensure faster cooling. Mitashi ACs’ come with attractive warranty options on the product for upto 5 years. In addition to all this, the 5-years warranty on the compressor (*as per applicable*) is an added bonanza.

Other features of Mitashi ACs’ include Turbo Cooling mode, 2-Way Drainage*, 4-Way Swing*, Multiple Sleep & Auto Restart Modes, Anti-Bacterial Filter, Self-Cleaning, Digital Ergonomic Remote. Mitashi ACs’ come in 3star, 5 star and Inverter Technology ensuring low power consumption, keeping your electricity bill well within control.

Mitashi Air Conditioners prices start at INR 19,950, making it pocket friendly for the aspiring masses.

Mitashi - AC S-03Mr. Rakesh Dugar, Chairman and MD – Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. Ltd. said, “In India’s sweltering heat, it is a huge challenge for air conditioners to work on products that can manage humidity and long hours of use. Many international brands are unable to do so since they were made for other climatic conditions. Mitashi Air Conditioners have been designed considering the need of the Indian market. We’ve spent years in R&D before we launched our ACs. One can buy Mitashi ACs from over 6,600 distribution partner outlets and over 800 large format stores and E-commerce portals. For over 2 decades,  we’ve helped power India’s technology dreams. With our expanding range of ACs, we cater to every domestic Indian market. The runaway success of our various product ranges reiterates our faith in our product research and innovation. With this belief, we would be soon launching our line of washing machines that will cater to many of India’s unmet washing needs.”

With its consistent performance and technologically sound products, cost-effective prices and wide range have made Mitashi to be India’s most popular homegrown electronics brand.

As the sun soars and the heat skyrockets, get ready to beat the heat. Get your Mitashi AC today and say goodbye to sweaty and unbeatable summers.

Price range: from Rs 19,950 onwards

Mitashi AC models

Model Nos Series  Star Rating Warranty
MiSAC103v10 Premium Luxury 3 star 5
MiSAC153v10 Premium Luxury 3 star 5
MiSAC203v10 Premium Luxury 3 star 5
MiSAC15INv10 Premium Luxury Inverter 5
MiSAC155v10 Premium Luxury 5 star 5
MiSAC103v05 Premium Value 3 star 3
MiSAC153v05 Premium Value 3 star 3
MiSAC105v05 Premium Value 5 star 3
MiSAC155v05 Premium Value 5 star 3
MiSAC103v01 Smart Value 3 star 1
MiSAC153v01 Smart Value 3 star 1

Available: Across leading consumer electronics stores as well as e-commerce portals.

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