Indian Red Cross Society launches a ‘Blood Banking App’

Urges every Indian to do Blood Banking on this World Red Cross Day and create a deposit not just to save your life but save others too

BloodBankingApp - Home - pageWorld over May 8th is celebrated as the Red Cross Day every year to pay tribute to the volunteers of the society as well as welcome their precious contribution for helping people in need.

The Indian Red Cross Society has recently launched a ‘Blood Banking App to address the issue of blood shortage in the country. The app is part of a larger digital blood banking initiative that the Indian Red Cross Society has rolled out along with J Walter Thompson, one of India’s leading creative agencies.

The app will initially be tested in India and will be rolled out in the rest of the world. The app will is on both iOS and Android platforms and users will be able to make appointments through the app round the clock.

BloodBankingApp - Save - pageToday, India has a recorded shortage of 3 million units of blood, and every two seconds, someone needs blood. Moreover, blood banks rely heavily on replacement donors due to the lack of required numbers of voluntary donors to maintain stock. The app caters to billions of people who face difficulties looking out for blood donors during an emergency medical situation.

The app will enable people to deposit their blood on a regular basis by opening a Blood Banking Account at any Red Cross affiliated Blood Bank. A unique account number will be assigned to each individual to help monitor the account, through the app. The app will record all the required information, track the account and provide timely reminders on when the next savings is due. The blood can also be transferred to others and the app will let users or the account holders know how much blood is available in the account. Additionally, it will allow blood bank account holders to keep a track on the entire blood deposit cycle on the digital platform efficiently.

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