Gadre introduces delectable Crab Sticks for the first time in India

  • A nutritious snacking for your healthy diet

Gadre CrabSticksFor all who loves to munch the best culinary delights, Gadre introduces you delectable Crabsticks for the first time in India. Made of a unique paste called Surimi**, these sticks are low in calories and fat which makes it ideal for anyone who is on a weight-loss programme. These are so versatile in nature that it can be eaten fresh as a quick snack or starter, become a meal in itself when used as a salad, or even go into an elaborate dish as part of a main course. Used widely all over the world in sushi, salads and other dishes, these premium quality frozen foods, available in different forms, now reaches the Indian homes.

Gadre CrabSticksSo, rush to the nearby store, get your hands on these mouth-watering Japanese crabsticks and enjoy the culinary experience at ease as you cut down the time, effort and wastage of food.

Gadre CrabSticksPrice: Starts at Rs. 150 for 250 gms

Availability: At Nature Basket, Food Hall & other leading retail stores across India; Online.

(**Surimi is a Japanese word which means fish paste. It is easily available and cost effective. It has the same taste and enhanced properties since it is made from the best parts of fish. It has less cholesterol than real crab meat.)

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