Anang Desai is reconnecting to his musical roots in Tamanna

Tamanna, STAR Plus’ popular show, has introduced many new characters since the story has now shifted base to Meerut, where Dharaa will start a new life.

Anang Desai will be playing the role of a music teacher on the show. The versatile actor can be seen on the sets giving lessons to the co-starts between shots.

When asked about his character Anang said, “Playing the role of a teacher is pivotal and I am really excited to play it. I take keen interest in classical music and have in-depth knowledge of it, which helped me embody the character in a better way. I like giving lessons to my co-stars, just for fun, when we are on our break time. Playing the tabla requires practice and because my co-stars like the sound of it, I play and practice on the set.”

Anang has started shooting for the show and is resorting to the collection of classical music albums he owns. Revisiting those albums helps him connect with the role and he adds, “Music has changed in todays’ time. I like telling people about my collection of classical music and because music has been an important part of my life, I want to do justice to my character on the show.”

Watch Anang Desai as Pandit Krishnachandra Chaurasia in Tamanna every night at 10 pm only on STAR PLUS.

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