Aster RV Hospital imparts Basic Life Support skills virtually

Aster RV Hospital recently conducted an e-Basic Life Support skills program that is open for all. The pilot session was held with a city based running group – Running Roadies which had about 55 participants. ‘Basic Life Support’ is a skills training program that teaches the common man how to administer life-saving medical interventions such as Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) during emergency situations.

During the online session, participants were taught 5 simple steps like checking scene safety, how to assess the response of the patient, making arrangements for police or medical help and how to check for a pulse. The session included live demonstrations of the right way to perform CPR.

Dr. Mohammed Imran Soherwadi, Consultant, Emergency MedicineAster RV Hospital who led the session, explained, “Often during emergency situations, if someone suddenly collapses, people are unsure of what to do and they lose precious time waiting for medical help. The first few minutes after a person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest are crucial for his survival. When proper CPR is administered to a patient at the right time, his chances of survival increases by 60%. These skills are valuable during the pandemic and beyond.”

Basic Life Support - CPR

The doctor explained the different guidelines that are to be following during the pandemic, such as performing only chest compressions while ensuring mouths are covered. Post the pandemic, once the situation has normalized, people can adhere to the traditional way of performing CPR.

While answering questions from viewers, the doctor addressed misconceptions around performing CPR, stating, “Many individuals avoid administering CPR because they are afraid that they might damage the patient’s heart or rib cage, however this is not true. We urge people to equip themselves with Basic Life Support skills to understand the correct way to perform CPR so that they too can save people in need.”

Aster RV had launched the ‘Basic Life Support’ program – ‘You Don’t Need to be a Doctor to Save a Life’ at NMKRV College in March, which was attended by more than 200 students. The session was felicitated by ACP Ramesh, ACP of South Bangalore, Mr. Harshvardhan V, President of Leo, youth wing of Lions Club International and Mr. Sushil Bhasin, an ultra-runner who has completed a 500 miler in 11 days at the age of 70.

The hospital aims to impart Basic Life Support skills to 10,000 people this year, including 5000 students. To attend a session, please click on or call 8884443204

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